[proposal] [creation of educational documentary titled: web 3, the metaverse and what the future holds for the individual]


This project is an audio visual presentation that would be a documentary about the metaverse and web3 and how the individual is the protagonist amidst all of this. The project would touch on all aspects of insight regarding various intricacies like history, definition, coinage, dialogue, application pros and cons and the future. The project would in all simplicty break down various difficult to grasp concepts about Web 3 and demystify the technology so as to make it understandable to a lay man. The documentary would follow a strict theme of narration which creates a pleasant flow of knowledge while at the same time entertaining to the viewer. Engaging different web 3 savvy individuals to talk about different concepts within the technology and their perspective about it in most basic syntax. These individuals would have been previously briefed about the nature of the documentary and advised to share their knowledge in the simplest form
Having a single lead voice lead the narration and guide the whole documentary through its schematic flow, the documentary would follow through with a scheme of context for optimum knowledge conveyance and pleasurable viewing. the scheme of context to be followed is as follows below

History: The history of web technology categorization. From web 1 to web 2 and then web3, The transition in adoption and engagement of all technologies and what sets each one apart from the other

Definition: What Web 3 really is in full detail, starting all the way from decentralization, distributed ledgers, blockchains, Crypto and NFTs, in very descriptive terms

Coinage: How the word Web 3 came about and what it means linguistically

Dialogue: Different perspectives about Web 3. Different thoughts about the concept of web 3 from the mind of the creative, the enthusiast, the liberal, conservative, web 3 builder, the investor, programmer, crypto traders and holders

Application: The different things that is done with web 3 and the difference it brings as a new technology. The solutions it has brought to the social demographical reality.

Pros and Cons: The upside and the downside of how web 3 appeals to the global society

Future: The future of web 3 and where the individual fits within the spectrum of the technology, communities engagement and interaction, government policies and regulations

This project serves an educational purpose for people who might be interested in onboarding NEAR to have reference template for them to really understand the intricacies of the technology and also a way of refreshing the memory of community members about the concept. This project also serves as a contribution to the archives of the metaverse dao for historical purposes as one of the tenets of why the Metaverse DAO exists on the NEAR Blockchain, the single portal for reference of everything metaverse within the community including education

This project would be executed in various phases for easy concatenation of all various arms and segments of the documentary.
First step is to arrange with the narrator to script the flow of the documentary in accordance with the segments as listed above. The narrator would create written text to be read as audio accompaniment for the documentary.
After the narrator has completely drafted the written text which would be the audio accompaniment for the narration of the documentary. The next port of call would be to contact notable contributors within the NEAR ecosystem.
Notable contributors who are well known within the NEAR community and have contributed DAOs/projects in the web 3 dichotomy. These contributors would be the ones to send in clips about the various scheme of context segments sharing from their vast knowledge and experience in the web 3 space
These clips to be sent by the contributors would then be sent to the editor with audio file containing the narration from the narrator.

All these together would form the full sequenced clip of the documentary

This project would be executed by the team with duties as described below:
Project Manager: To sync the whole project together. Contact all the concerned parties and make timelines for different phases of execution of the project. The project manager gets the whole team in line with how they communicate and would also keep log of the current stage of the project to keep all organized

Editor: The editor is responsible for gluing all audio and video clips together according to the sequence intended for the documentary. The editor communicates with the narrator and project manager for guidance in editing the documentary

Narrator: The narrator is resposnible for delivering the audio messages that flows through various sequences of the documentary. The narrator is responsible for the composition of the words to be used for the narration and also be the voice over artist responsible for the audio recording

Community members to send in clips for educational and dialogue sequences in documentary: $50 each for 7 individuals = $350
Project Manager to oversee project from scratch to finish = $200
Editor to cut and glue clips and audio with animation effects = $200
Narrator to curate words to be said in narration for the flow of the documentary through various sequences = $200
Sub Total: $950

I (@Dabbie329) would be the project manager
@Albhion would be the editor
@ENYI would be the narration curator and voice over artiste

Getting professional audio visual quality of the documentary which shows known community members sharing their knowledge and experience would be a beautiful experience for community members on chain and people off chain. This project polishes the already renowned reputation of the metaverse DAO and would create a historical reference in time for NEAR chain web 3 educational reference.


Hi, i dont know how, but i want to help you guys, do something. I loved.


if you need someone to help you compose or edit the script or dialog im free to help


Dubbing in Portuguese/BR.

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I’ll try translating the text.

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Hi, Dabbie. Sorry for taking so long. Your project is interesting, but it was not clear for me how the metaverse comes into the story. I suggest that u make the metaverse the focus of your documentary, and not web3 in general.

I would also ask for a few things:

  1. CV from the people involved
  2. Choose the known people specialized on metaverse in the ecosystem to talk in advance and present them (with their involvement with the metaverse) and their acceptance in the forum.
  3. Video call with the team.
  4. Timeline of the project.
  5. Metrics for success and products that will be built by the project.
  6. How much time will the documentary have?

Beyond that, we have to see if we have this budget available. As u might know, we have some ongoing projects, and we generally have a 200 usd budget for a tutorial. This is a documentary, not a tutorial, and its complexy and the quality you want could demand more funds. I understand. Nevertheless, we depend on our projects for october. While you deal with the things I asked you, I will see the possibilities of our budget. But if u can bring the metaverse specialists voluntarily, maybe u could reduce the amount requested and make it easier for us to approve. This is my opinion, but we should also hear @beetlejuice and @wolfwoodShinji.


Thanks @thephilosopher for your response, yes in order to answer some of your questions:

About the budget, yes i tried my best in the cost but i realized that this is the lowest threshold of amount that we can get in order for the project to be quality and make its desired impact

Regarding information about the team on this project:
Here is my bio and linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daberechi-emmanuela-619316236
DABBYS FILE 1.pdf (662.4 KB)

Here is @Albhion bio and linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubh-maheshwari-70a7b71b818:04
Shubham-Karwa (2).pdf (69.8 KB)

Here is @ENYI bio and Linkedin profile
Product Designer-UI/UX, Student of art and philosopher, curator of www.designisfun.school

Here we are going to work in alignment with the contributor which will include this people below we are currently in touch with and hope they would be available for this project after communicating the subject matter with them


They are to make a 1 minute video of them talking about the Metaverse, in relationship to web 3 and Near Ecosystem. This will take a period of 7 days to enable the team to get in contact with them and equally allow them to prepare their talks. The team would be sending them drafts of the subjcet they are to focus on in alignment with the sequence and flow of the documentary

After receiving their videos or audios respectively, note not all might be able to send a video or audio even though we would appeal to the contributors to preferably send in video contributions, some might decide to send in written articles. In cases like this the editor would have to create graphical illustrations with the input or the narrator voices the words while referencing the curator, either way there is a multimedia experience.

Once project has been approved, the team would wait a week for the video entries from the contributors. The next week the curator/narrator @ENYI drafts the flow of the documentary in its various segments and sequences and then creates a voice over with all post production edits and audio mastering which will be sent to @Albhion for editing which for professional touch and team communication would take a week also.
Altogether the project takes three weeks maximum with me as project manager assuring that

We stated in the proposal the metrics of the documentary, using NEAR Montage and metaverse DAO logo at intervals would serve promotional purposes and the narrator ends the documentary with instructions on how to open a near wallet and join the near community as a closing piece

Our Editor in the person of @Albhion will compile the video and do the necessary edits for the production to be at its best. 15:30

Thanks, let us know how we can move forward asap
@beetlejuice @thephilosopher


Down and ready to roll @thephilosopher … Lets gooo


Hi, @Dabbie3229, thank you for you answer. We like your idea of documentary for NEAR Metaverses. Nice people you intend to use for the documentary. Now we have to wait for their answer. Nevertheless, I think you might be forgetting some really important people, like Decentricity from Reality Chain, Jeff from NearHub, the awesome people from Nestercity, the guys from 3XR, and many other people who create metaverses on NEAR (you can find many interviews with many of these people on Metaverse DAO’s Mintbase store). I advise you, in order to edit your project, to make a deeper research on the developments of NEAR metaverses and the people behind them. And I also advise you to talk to people before putting them in your project. Would you mind send me a video made by your team in which we can evaluate the quality of your previews work?

Unfortunately, the DAO cannot fund all the amount you required. In case this interests you, the DAO would be willing to use 400 USD on NEAR/DAI (in the tax rate we received the resource) to fund a quality documentary of 15 minutes minimum, with english subtitles, only about NEAR Metaverses, in case the metaverse specialists accept the invitation. This documentary would also have to be uploaded in our youtube channel non-exclusively and would have to be made a NFT in our store and sent to the DAO’s wallet.

We wait for your answer, for the “portfolio” video, and for the comments from the people you tagged.

See you all on metaverse! :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Obs: @Albhion linkedin link is not working.

@thephilosopher Sir, Its good you mentioned the people you mentioned, concerning near hub and all, but i would like you to read through the proposal again and understand that this is a general purpose web 3 documentary not fully native to NEAR. The only parts that would relate NEAR are the logos and the NEAR advert breaks in between.
You should understand that the team intends to make this documentary an off chain documentary to engage people outside of NEAR to be educated and at the same time onboarded to NEAR through the mid and end ad breaks… which is a very good strategy. It is good that you talked of the NEAR hub people but NEAR already has enough material to circulate around the ecosystem for education, whence, a general purpose web 3 documentary is good for the external imagery of NEAR.
Also asking for previous work is out of place for a team that came together to work on a project, you can ask for individual projects of which Albhion is a content creator with youtube videos for NEAR for which there is a sample link below…

And regarding the contributors, i dropped them messages, like i iterated in the up post, we are targeting these people at first and we arent expecting that they all would be interested.
The team anticipated the video call.

Here’s a link to a previous work

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@thephilosopher I was hoping to be on a video call with you like you requested @Dabbie3229 did you arrange that?


Nice, @Dabbie3229 and @ENYI. Thank u for your availability.
@beetlejuice is talking to Dabbie on telegram to set up the meeting.
I appreciate a lot.


@Dabbie3229, @ENYI, thank you for your patience and answers. @beetlejuice told me you made the video call and that you agreed with the terms we presented here in this post.

We are glad to inform you that we agreed to approve your proposal as one of the projects in our funding proposal for October. So we depend on the approval of that budget and the arrival of the respective resources for our DAO, to give a real green sign for your project.

Concerning the video you showed me as an example of the work of your team, it is a nice video, although it has some problems with light, it seems. We hope that your documentary does not have problems like that and we kindly ask you to not forget the subtitles and the focus on metaverse, please.

And, please, we ask you to edit your proposal to present the changes we requested.


Sorry to inform you, @Dabbie3229, but I imagine you saw that the funds are being suspended until the Creatives has new guidelines. So although your project was approved to be added to our October Funding Proposal, it seems there will be no funding in October. And from November, we will have to adequate our projects to the new Creatives guidelines. That being said, we will have to evaluate your project again (and all the other projects from the dao) after the new guidelines are released. For now, we know that the guidelines should be in agreement with NF’s goals, described by them in the call they had with the moderators. Please check them below, in order to make your submission the most adequate you can to the new goals.

NF Goals.pdf (45.5 KB)

As an announcement to everyone involved on this project, I am assuming the project manager of this project and stripping of @Dabbie3229 of her role after she has been involved in some dubious activities in the NEAR community. She has a project with Marketing DAO which she hasnt executed since 6 months after receiving funds

In that post above, @Dabbie3229 was accused of lying and using a false excuse for delaying execution of a six months project

And below is a link by some council member of how @Dabbie3229 received NF funding for a DAO and failed to release it fully into the DAO treasury while also sending the money in bits.

Attention to @thephilosopher @wolfwoodShinji @beetlejuice . I would update you all with the new ecosystem member i would execute this project with

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Thank u, @ENYI, for the heads up. As we are not receiving funds for now, most of our funded projects are frozen until we get new guidelines. But I would ask you, if u can, that u add some metrics to the project (in case u didnt already), like number of people onboarded, number of people in the project that were active members (at least 1 near blockchain activation per week) during the month(s) of the project, number of DAOs linked to the project, and number of NEAR apps or dapps used by the project. Although guidelines are going to be developed, these are in consonance with NEAR goals.

Thank you very much, I would update the proposal to that effect according to the new guidelines as you have described