[APPROVED] Project Online Comics for Parents and Educators

Hello Creatives! Here is a proposal for Children of The DAO April Projects

Objective: A three-class comic book workshop for parents to do with their children, creating their own stories based on everyday facts, or fantasies of their own imagination, and then publish as NFT .
Each class will last from 45 minutes to 1 hour and will be accompanied by an illustrated booklet, which is the didactic material containing the summary of the classes and the proposed activities. The classes will be available on the Youtube channel, where the link to download the didactic material will also be.

Target audience: Fathers and mothers with small children, from 3 years old, who like to encourage reading and create stories. Drawing mastery is not required.


Teach in a simple way how to create a comic strip, presenting four steps to create it, along with examples performed in class. To facilitate the production of the story in the form of the visual, we will make available several drawings with themes and generic actions that can be copied by parents and children or cut out, assembling the story like a puzzle and adding the text.
You will also be taught how to digitize the drawings and turn them into an NFT.
The steps taught in the workshop were elaborated based on the teacher’s practical experience, both in the production of comics and in classes taught, and also using the books “Making Comics”, by Scott McCloud, “Comics and sequential art” and "Graphic storytelling and visual narrative” by Will Eisner.

Class 01 - Creating ideas and structuring the story: Presentation of the workshop. 1st step, how to have ideas? The remix technique; drawing inspiration from everyday life; examples. 2nd step, how to turn the idea into a story? The narrative structure of a comic strip; how to divide the story into frames; the choice of moments.

Class 02 - Drawings and balloons: 3rd stage, how to make the images of the story? Drawings with a more simplified line style and with more generic themes and figures are available, making it easier to copy the drawings, if the parents or the child want it, or you can use the image decal, that is, draw over the top. using another sheet (tracing technique), or you can also print these images, cut them and reorganize them as you wish.
4th step, how to make the text balloons? how to distribute the texts along the board, the different types of balloons (thought bubble, shout, speaking softly) and the use of onomatopoeia.

Lesson 03 - Digitizing and Publishing as NFT: Teaches the steps to digitize the comic strip through the scanner or photograph. Tips for image processing. How to turn this strip into an NFT and publish it. Course closure.

Didactic Material: A booklet will be made with the content of each of the classes and a designer will make the illustrations both to assist in the understanding of each stage of production, making the explanation more visual, as well as the more simplified drawings that serve as a basis to facilitate the drawings of stories to be created by parents and children. These drawings make it possible to create stories even if the participants do not know how to draw.

Classes will be made available for free on the Youtube channel, being open for the entire community to access and share. The teaching material will be available for download through the link in the video. The workshop will be publicized on the forum and on social networks.


  • Teacher: will plan, present and record classes.BUdget asked - 200usd per class - 600USD total - akirasan.near designed teacher

  • video editor: will edit the videos recorded by the teacher and create vignettes and GCs (titles, info bars). 400USD - Bounty for the Community

  • designer: will make the illustrations of the didactic material - 400USD - nimoon.near - artist designed

  • producer: will monitor and coordinate all stages and functions, will publish all material on the internet and disseminate it on the networks.- 400USD - ariene.near - designed producer

Total budget Asked:1800USD

All the created material will be available for the community in Creative Commons and will be access for any who has interested.

Thank you for the attention - awaiting for feedbacks and comments.

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