[PROPOSAL] Carv.io - User-owned gaming identity and value exchange platform

Carv (carv.io) is a platform with the mission to build a user-owned gaming identity that enables achievement display, friends & games discovery, direct monetization, and can be brought anywhere.

By building gamer credential infrastructures, middleware tools, and value exchange platform. We also aspire to bridge Web2 gamers to Web3 gaming ecosystem, maximizing value to players, game developers, guilds, and more.

Carv’s detailed value delivering to the gaming vertical:
To players:
- Dashboard: aggregate the users’ game achievements across chains, in multiple addresses, recorded and displayed in one place.
- Data monetization: allow users to monetize their data, enjoy credential-gated monetization from their own data.
- Social: enable users to bring their gaming achievements & identity everywhere, connect with new friends and discover new games.
- Game discovery and review: provide trustworthy game reviews backed by reviewers’ reputation.

To Web3 games:
- Accurate user acquisition: data aggregated from on-chain, off-chain in-game data, social & community involvement data, leading to identifying high value users, and accurate target and acquisition by web3 games/guilds.
- User retention: improve retention of existing users by guiding them through achievement-based growth badge systems.

NEAR usage:
- NEAR wallet integration on to the Carv platform, developing NEAR wallet log-in for the Carv platform
- Minting Carv NFTs (achievement badges) on to NEAR chain
- NEAR games’ on-chain data crawl, query and display on the Carv platform

Total asking:
We are proposing a grant of 10,000 NEAR to be used for:
- The development of the above 3 integration. Estimating 2 backend, 1 frontend, and 1 data engineers to be involved in the initial 3-week development period, roughly.
- Meanwhile, and after integration, constant BD and marketing support will be provided to NEAR ecosystem games on raising awareness, and funneling and educate users.

About the team:
Da5id Hong is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, mathematics-enthusiast from UCLA. Ex-CEO of MNC D.Media, bridging KOLs to decentralized content economy, e.g. Steem, Dlive. TV, Theta. TV, D.Tube, etc. Acquired by DLive.TV and joined as early founding member, leading BD & global strategy efforts; Ex-GM of Cheetah Mobile (NYSE:CMCM) for Social Applications department, Apps were used by 400+M global users. Ex-Deloitte Consulting.

Ryan: Ex-Improbable infrastructure engineer; Ex-MDM technical consultant & software engineer @ Reltio. Georgia Tech Master of industrial engineering; AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Tracer (Tracy): Ex-BCG consultant with cross-industry and function experience in BD, marketing, go-to-market strategy and people & org., focused on venture due diligence and healthcare; UPenn engineering graduate.

Currently Carv has 12 full-time employees, running in a lean startup way, with 20+ volunteers across the world assisting in a decentralized way local community management.

Current progress:
Carv has officially partnered with 20+ Web3 games, guilds, and projects

Latest product data from the past month since Carv,io officially launched open alpha on May 12:
- MAU: 37.5k
- WAU: avg. 7.3k
- DAU: avg. 970
- Retention at a cohort level: peak 2nd week retention at 17%; avg. 13.1%
- Avg. Time spent per user: 08:19

Integrating NEAR, and growing NEAR games are our priorities!