[PROPOSAL] Developing GuildX that is an ecosystem for gaming guilds and investors

GuildX - It is an ecosystem for gaming guilds (Play to Earn games players) and investors. It is a comprehensive tool consisting of a software solution and a set of decentralized solutions for gaming guilds for management and monetization.

We use the NEAR protocol/Aurora EVM to speed up development and in the future we plan to follow an open source approach and perform functions for the development of the NEAR community.

GuildX has three main solutions:

  1. “Manager” - is a SaaS solution for automating management of a games guilds
  2. “DAO” - tools for transforming an ordinary guild into a full-featured DAO
  3. “DeFi” - tools and solutions for investors that allow effective decision-making and investment in guilds both by issuing loans to guilds for development and buying guild tokens that are offered during IDO on the GuildX platform, as well as exchange guilds tokens on in-platform decentralized exchange.

Our goal is to provide the best software for guild automation and development. Provide guilds with the opportunity to transform into a full-fledged DAO and tokenize guild assets, gain access to a wide range of investors for their intensive development. Investors and funds will receive tools that will allow, based on statistics and analytics, to make an informed decision where to invest money.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of guilds playing according to the “Play to Earn” model. Each player, if desired, can undergo training and become the leader of his guild.


Our mission is to accelerate the transition of games to a fairer Play and Earn model.

We believe that GameFi is in its early stages of development now and that this model is the future. The development of GameFi will be able to attract large masses of the population to games who can join blockchain technologies.

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem

Guilds management software GuildX will able to help to the games built on NEAR blockchain boost their players community by simplifying the process of existed P2E guilds shift to specifically their product from other competitors blockchains ecosystem, as well as making the process of joining to P2E gaming easier and less stressful for new players, who are newcomers in blockchain/crypto. Thus specifically the NEAR ecosystem might become a convenient entry point to the crypto world for big masses of new audiences who would be ready to switch their activity from traditional gaming to crypto gaming.

Also new guilds issuing their own token on NEAR blockchain and players using that tokens will generate new transactions on NEAR blockchain, boosting whole ecosystem growth.


  1. There are currently no cloud-based automation solutions for game guilds. Assets managers at GameFi keep records of digital assets in Excel. In the “manual” mode, the effectiveness of the players is assessed, and the calculations create a toxic atmosphere and an outflow of good players. There are no tools for searching and high-quality training of players.
  2. We understand that these guilds will further develop as a decentralized community that focuses on making money. Some guilds will remain for fun, but many guilds will somehow transform into DAOs. Communities that must somehow manage through the DAO. Therefore, the tools for transforming an ordinary guild into DAO are the next stage in the development of our ecosystem and platform.
  3. Also, one of the biggest obstacles to the growth of a gaming guild is the lack of in-game assets. They need money to buy Axies, sabers, horses, NFTs, artifacts and other in-game items in order to issue scholarships and attract new players to the guild, and investors need a set of analytical tools to invest safely.


The Guildx platform consists of three main products: “Manager”, “DAO” and the “DeFi” modules.

The “Manager” product is a SaaS solution for automating work in game guilds. It is provided as a cloud solution and has the following functionality:

  • Automation of control and analysis of players’ effectiveness
  • Automation of settlements with players
  • HR automation - recruiting new players
  • Automation of learning and motivation

DAO - The decentralized DAO guild management solution is a smart contract builder. The web interface is a shell for creating and deploying smart contacts, adding / modifying data in a smart contact, an interface for outputting data from smart contracts / blockchains.

  1. A set of standard smart contracts for an investor, a player, managers of different levels, allowing to deploy scripts / scripts to a decentralized environment and the distribution of roles of guild members (rights, responsibilities, scripts, etc.)
  2. A tool for launching your own guild token, when the guild token allows you to access various roles in the guild, as well as distributing guild profits between its members and investors
  3. A project token that allows you to access the platform, which is the fuel used to gain access to various roles (through staking, payment of commission, etc.)
  4. defi-platform for exchanging tokens for each other and for a platform token, issuing loans, etc.

DeFi - allows investors to effectively invest in in-game assets, players and guilds through participation in guild IDOs, as well as through the issuance of loans. And for players and guilds, get quick access to capital, investors and DeFi products.

  • Aggregation and tokenization of gaming assets.
  • Aggregation of working capital and their pledge.
  • An opportunity for guilds to obtain a loan or lease to purchase new digital gaming assets from investors.
  • An opportunity for investors to buy digital assets and give them to players for a small portion of the profit.
  • KYC / AML

MVP development roadmap:

  • Guilds management SaaS: MVP solution to be developed within January-April 2022.
    Web-based set of features and interfaces, which allow for P2E games guilds conduct guild management automation in Web interface, including automation of the following processes: new players submissions and training; players and guild progress stats collection and efficiency analyzing; assets and revenues distribution; guild management team and players tasks and gaming strategies and planning and controlling.
    After DAO module development an NFT (for rewarding, authentication and other needs) and Wasm Smart Contracts management/interactions through the web interface will be integrated with.
    Technologies to be used (to be adjusted after RnD and project development launch):
    Ruby on Rails framework using for back-end side
    HTML5/CSS/React.js etc for front end. Focus on UX/UI approach.

  • DAO Guild management module: * MVP solution to be developed within January-April 2022.

Smart Contracts developed on Rust programming languages for NEAR blockchain (WASM) with cross-chain support by future developments by EVM support (such as Aurora EVM), which cover following processes:

  • Voting and DAO management;
  • Assets/revenues distribution;
  • Players rewarding;

Future development:

  • NFTs integration;
  • Guild and players interactions with guild lenders/investors;
  • Players onboarding, training and playing.

Smart Contracts initial settings to be adjusted in web-based interface of SaaS platform and to be deployed at the same SaaS platform.

  • DeFi module: MVP solution to be deployed within January-April 2022.
    Guilds token launch platform including guilds token IDO event conducting and smart contract deploying for guilds token creation on NEAR blockchain.
    Future development: in-platform decentralized exchange and lending platform, connecting guilds and investors.

During March-May 2022 the MVP solution is planned to be integrated with up to two games built on NEAR blockchain with at least one active guild on each game using GuildX platform.


Alex Minakov - CBDO. UX/UI, 3 startups, 1 exits, founder of RTB-Media (now over $40M) https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexminakov

Alexander Linenko - Product VP

Petr Stepchenko - Software engineering

Mike Raitsyn - Advisor, Serial entrepreneur, chaotic good. Successfully founded over 10 companies with total revenue over $100M

Alexander Shishow - Advisor, Founder at ColdStack - Aggregator of Decentralized Data Storages such as Filecoin.


Total hours allocated: 7,500 - 8,500 hours

Total cost: $400K - $450K

The project is currently under development with phased launches.

Total Ask: 20K NEAR