[PROPOSAL] Creation of strategic implementation guide for NEAR blockchain P2E games

About / Problem

The GuildX team (ecosystem for gaming guilds, P2E games players and investors) with the assistance of a team of game developers, mathematical economists, marketing specialists and managers. Based on our extensive experience with game studios, we faced the lack of available knowledge base on creating cool and playable P2E games, formation of real (truthful) tokenomics, development and testing of promotion strategies, creation of clear and easy to understand game presentation to investors, development of P2E games gamers would play for month or more.

To ensure the quality of P2E games there is a need to create a guide and a series of articles on:

  • how to make games that are fun to play

  • how the game tokenomics is formed

  • how to promote games, important marketing steps

  • investment management and game development

  • etc

We are sure that in the process of writing the guide, there will be a lot of more specific areas to cover.

We believe it is vitally important for game developers and studios, managers, founders and investors to have a clear understanding on a direction to move in the development of P2E games and to form a certain quality standard for NEAR blockchain P2E games.

Mission / Solution

Our mission is to create an accessible and useful self-study information block, which will help specialists to improve the quality of P2E games, as well as to increase the level of management of P2E products, which will lead to a rapid growth in the quality of NEAR blockchain P2E games.

MVP development roadmap:

  • Receipt of funds (April 2022);
  • Getting input from the advisors and consultants (May - June 2022);
  • Writing manuals and articles (June - July 2022);
  • Translation (July 2022);
  • Creation of a website, social media groups/chats (July 2022);
  • Publication, feedback collection, revision (August 2022);
  • Update (September 2022).


Elena Anisimova [https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-anisimova-guildx/] - project manager. Over 10 years experience in digital marketing, former project manager in Omnicom Media Group, author and founder of several online education projects.

GuildX [https://guildx.io] - advisor. Ecosystem for games, guilds and investors.

BEARVERSE - advisor. 3D multiplayer Play-to-Earn strategy game for mobile devices with NFT collectibles.

ARAXLAND - advisor. M2E and P2E cryptogame combining AR and NFT technologies. A team of developers with 17 years of experience in creating popular games.



@Dacha tagging you because you will be the best to review this as you represent NEAR Games Guild :handshake:


Great proposal. Would be great to work together. We have the largest Near Games community on TG, translated and wrote many articles on Medium, have a lot of games guides.

Also, we have Fan stroke guild, which focused on onboarding new gamers.


@Dacha thank you for your feedback, I’d be happy to co-operate.