Varda Game and NFT ecosystem tools - second tranche

Hi there,
This post is to request the rest of the agreed fundings for the Varda Play to earn game, to be developed as stated here.
What we have built wih the funding already given:
1_Varda Unlockable content free tool for all mayor NFT marketplaces on near.
2_ We have received further funding by the filecoin community to develop an HTML api from the Varda Vault in order for people to publish unlockable content in their own web2 websites on apps, and on their games.

With regards to the gaming api I am pleased to say that that my activity is open for collaborations with games/creators projects applying on the humanguild DAO, of which I am council member.
3_We have published a template to develop webpack5 applications using the near-api-js and will be maintaining it with regards to the integration (thanks to the filecoin funding)

4_We have published an API on thegraph for paras NFTs to be synced on the Vault and are exploring the opportunity to use that subgraph to ensure a sustainable money flow for the VArda project in the future.

While developing the paras subgraph we were able to find an independent collaborator for our project, @ALuhning

The marketplace is still in development, we are merging the old marketplace by @mattlockyer with the new NEP171 standard in this repo.

The reason for the marketplace not being on mainnet yet is because we are developing a minting bot and a workflow from our discod server, in order to use discord for all community interactions inside the marketplace.
The base code we are updating for this bot can be found in this repo, we need to integrate minting functionalities to the login flow already in place.
In order to achieve the right amount of interactions/media coverage (we have a proposal for marketing from @near.insider ) we decided to ask the remaining amount of NEAR agreed for our project, next steps will be:

1_ marketplace development and mainnet launch (included discord bot) in one month from the fund arrival.
2_play to earn game and mainnet launch in one month from the marketplace launch

We are also developing Scarcity tools for which we’re gonna invest in metapool for our collectors to be able to create scarcity and earn passively (and safely) on our NFTs.
Other investment incentives are being developed in collaboration with the nearverse team.

Funding requested 1200 NEAR

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