[PROPOSAL] Beat Kitchen - November 2021

Targeting aspiring beat makers and producers no matter the stage of their career. May also serve as a networking tool to artists (sync licensors, musicians, singers, rappers, writers, etc.)

In the wake of the gamer watching boom (the Twitch platform originates as a means for fans to watch other gamers play video games – this has lead to rise in what I call ‘Watching The Process’ where folks enjoy watching people create things on the fly or feel as though they are in the room physically by engaging online via video.

What is it?
A weekly Beat challenge, Live Streaming show and Production Studio

In the guise of thinking outside of the box, exploring ways that the studio could create it’s own calling card showcasing resources available for hire. By revealing bits of the process that leads to a final product, I thought that would interested others in either working with me and at least promoting a space/facilities that is available for hire.

The show started as a Instagram Live only stream cast – then made available via Instagram’s IGTV play on demand feature. As of April 17 2021 the show will also be available via the Discord app – Youtube & Twitch also are desired routes

Show broadcasts/stream casts from my Production Studio affectionately dubbed the Beat Kitchen

We have a Soundcloud page (Stream BeatKitchen8 music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud) where all the submission could be heard – eventually I would like for us to put out our own compilations produced by the crew of producers. Or we simply use the network of producers for our pet projects (who knows maybe you hear a Producer you would like to represent and think can help get more work – hence we indirectly are developing new talent and cultivating a new generation)

I (DJ Nana) on separate occasions have had beat makers occasionally reach out to me for motivation, tips or advice. I would suggest they listen to the album I was listening to for inspiration at the time and that we all find samples to make beats out of. I would give a deadline and we would share our finished material on an Instagram Live chat or something.

I initially noticed an assortment of beat making challenges on Twitter. Some of these challenges I had considered entering. From there I had noticed Ski Beatz selling sample packs and also creating SMACK PACK CHALLENGES – where he would create sample packs and then create a March Madness type tournament where beat makers would battle using their best beats to go head to head. Entrance to the tournament comes after one or more of your Smack Pack beat submissions is recognized by Ski Beatz.

From there I noticed an assortment of different Beat oriented communities; from Toronto Loop Sessions, THE SESSION-IN, OVALORD Radio, Global Beat Cypher. I have always been familiar with Beat Battles and always thought the selection process was flawed or bias. In typical Nana fashion I thought it best to create my own portal, through that gain access to the fold.

I also tend to feel like I am unable to simply be recognized as a contributor to these new platforms – so again instead of ‘getting mad, I get even’ by creating our own lane…

Show is Saturday’s 2pm Est with the idea of expanding to another day monthly for a mix show of all the submissions (thinking once a month on Monday or Wednesday – time still to be determined – open for thoughts and suggestions)

Right now I am using an IPad to broadcast but hope to either have a designated camera (I have two GoPro’s and Digital Camcorder and to include some other pieces of equipment to help cover the space of the studio).
I am using my DJ software to play the beats (Serato DJ) and purchased a few things to allow me to record in stereo sound

I’d like to eventually have a tier system of membership - keeping the first tier completely free - as things are now, open admission to everyone. Eventual silver, gold, platinum and diamond levels can include different things ie. using the network of talent that involves themselves to provided opportunities the label or our network could provide them (Artist are independent these days but lack the means of navigation – that’s where we come in and based off our soon to be growing list of past clients, etc. we could create opportunities and or simply use a K-Tel model.


Labour (ongoing cost)
Camera Person $25/hour @ 5 hours $150/month
Editing $25/hour @ 18 hours $450/month
Marketing $25/hour @4 hours $400/month
$1000 USD

for past material please visit @beatkitchen8 on IG


Thanks @DJ_Nana! It’s been a while in the making and we’ve been waiting to add Beat Kitchen to our events. Just a few suggestions given the limitations of available funding from NxM. We can cover the following up to $1000.

  • The labour requests (at $25 USD per hour)

Please do edit the budget and if you could include additional supporting material (previous Beat Kitchen recordings) do link them into the proposal!


Labour (ongoing cost)
Camera Person $25/hour @ 5 hours $150/month
Editing $25/hour @ 18 hours $450/month
Marketing $25/hour @4 hours $400/month
$1000 USD

for past material please visit @beatkitchen8 on IG

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Awesome! Can you edit the main post above and put the revised budget details there. Thanks!

how does it look now sir?

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Looks like you’ve got it figured out! Looking fwd to putting this into our November funding request!

Salute DJ Nana! just wanted to let u know, this is a sick initiative and I look forward to see its fruition and def I will give it a go once things kick off and support it where I can.



peace my g
thanks for such a kind message
i truly appreciate it
same way make sure to send an email to beatkitchen8@gmail.com OR put any cats you deem worthy on…
so i can add you/them to the mailing list
there is still time for you to bang something out for mondays show!!

thanks again for such a thoughtful reach out
and i look forward to hearing your HEAT!!




Word up mah G! I just dropped u an email


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what good y’all
i just thought i share the latest email that went out re: Beat Kitchen
also a reminder - on Monday November 15 2021 at 9pm EST via twitch
we will be streaming our latest episode of Beat Kitchen!!
here is the email (to be on the mailing list please email beatkitchen8@gmail.com - attachments are not available via this forum…)

first and foremost

a thank you to everyone who has supported Beat Kitchen, whether it be in the past or the present.

we are truly appreciative of all of the feedback, but most of all

for all of the BEAT SUBMISSIONS!!

we also have to thank the homie Vandal and the good people at DAO Records ; thanks to them, we received a grant for this month’s episodes - this month Beat Kitchen is sponsored by NxM Live

NxM is a community focused around music, events, NFT and music-forward tools. The complementary unit for NxM is DAOrecords as it helps artists who want to mint NTFs, also artists retain 100% ownership of everything they create and they are not restricted by any contract. This redefines the current system of music publishing or distribution and it’s the evolution of traditional music ecosystems, which is possible thanks to innovative blockchain and crypto tools.


Beat Kitchen Challenge 26 is now officially closed*

(* - the sample for Beat Kitchen Challenge 26 was attached to last weeks email - moving forward samples with either be attached to email and or included with a download link)

tomorrow night - Monday November 15 2021 - at 9PM EST.

we will be streamcasting Beat Kitchen via Twitch

to hear all of the beat submissions

also note - that we will also be playing beat submissions from our past due Beat Kitchen Challenges 24 & 25

the beat attached to this email is Beat Kitchen Challenge 27

and here is the link to the stems:

on this challenge, i am asking for participants to REMIX this beat

(it’s actually one of four beats i made using the sample for Beat Kitchen Challenge 26!)

for this challenge i am giving you TWO WEEKS to come up with your remixes -

so on Monday November 29 2021 at 9PM EST.

we shall reconnect via Twitch

to hear all of the entries …
(entries can be of any genre and participants are urged to submit at least one beat)

Beat Submissions are to be emailed to [BEATKITCHEN8@GMAIL.COM]
and received BY SUNDAY @ 12AM (this Challenge is due Sunday November 28 2021)

on the Sunday before broadcast i will send out an email, officially closing the previous challenge and sharing the next one on deck


  • sample shared by DJ Nana are not ROYALTY FREE
  • any beats made with or from DJ Nana’s sound library grants DJ Nana co-production credits
    (DJ Nana should be contacted and splits should also be discussed prior to any songs release)