[Proposal] Beat Kitchen Challenge (weekly)

Event Concept:

Beat Kitchen Challenge is a weekly beat making challenge, Production Studio and Live
Streaming show hosted by DJ Nana. With already over 25 episodes, we are excited to bring this to the NxM community and help onboard more beat makers into the ecosystem!

The show currently airs on Saturdays at 2pm Eastern Standard Time via DJ Nana’s Twitch page and Instagram account with the livestream into The Playground in Cryptovoxels

Each week DJ Nana provides a new download link containing a folder of five songs or a folder of sounds that participants are then asked to create beats of any genre from.

Participants are then given a week (from the Saturday the link is made available to following week’s Friday) to create their beats and then submit their beats to the Beat Kitchen email account by 12am Friday.

Beat submissions are then showcased during the Live stream. The download link is made available via the Beat Kitchen Instagram page (link in page bio), or by becoming a member of the Beat Kitchen email mailing list.

This challenge is open to everyone and anyone who is interested, no matter the level of production expertise. Past beat and video submissions are available on the Soundcloud and Instagram page.

Each week we will award Near to participants and one beat will receive a the Beat of the Week prize.

In addition, we hope to launch a Beat DAO in August and work together with TYGS to build out the ecosystem for beat makers.

Start Date:

Tentatively mid August 2021



Funding Request: 300 N for the month of July

This proposal was submitted by Vandal on behalf of the project.


Looking fwd to this challenge! Do you know when it’ll start ?