[PROPOSAL] Beat Attack by BeatDAO

UPDATE 30.01.2022

a) based to technical issues, which had occurred in January, we couldn’t kick off with the Beat Attack show,

b) thanks to Max Power, who is handling NxM Live show, we received detailed instruction how to proceed with live streaming,

c) I’m happy to announce that Beat Attack will be handled by @Wiswiz - he will be new council member of the BeatDAO, responsible for management of the Beat Attack such as writing a recap of the show at the end of the month, bounty creation for promo flyers, organizing shows with the artists,

d) all streams will be done to NxM YouTube channel.

As we have unused funds for Beat Attack in our treasury from January, we are requesting for $200, as we’d like to do 3 shows in February ($200 per producer).

Total funds request for February: $200

Hey NEAR Fam!

In order to highlight the talent in BeatDAO community, me and @JohnX would like to do a biweekly show called Beat Attack!

Beat Attack will be a show, where music producers will be doing beats live. Activity will be streamed via Twitch or YouTube or Discord.
Created beat will be minted in the official BeatDAO store on Mintbase, where artists will be included in the forever royalties and in the one time payments.
First music producer, who will open the show will be Soundbenda. We will announce the second producer shortly after the first show.

All music producers interested in the Beat Attack participation will be chosen on our Telegram Group.

We believe that Beat Attack will work as a content representing the following features: education in music production, onboarding new members to BeatDAO, engagement across the community members.


Timeline - TBA (second week and fourth week of February
Funds requested - $600 ($200 per producer)

Stay creative,

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