[PROPOSAL] Beat DAO Discord Beat Submission/Competition (January, 2021)

The Beat DAO introduces its Beat Submission/Competition for the month of January as a way of growing its community and onboarding music producers and beatmakers from outside the web 3 ecosystem.

After a successful beat competition that happened in the month of December, The beatsDAO now has functional social tentacles that are recruiting music producers across the globe into the web 3 space with the NEAR Protocol specifically

The winners of the monthly competition would be chosen by the council comprising of @Paul @JohnX and the new onboarded council member

Entry would close on the 19th and the winners would be announced on the 21st of every month

Participants would be required to fill a google form with the details of their entries for the competition.

BeatsDAO Looks forward to another month of recruiting music producers into the web3 ecosystem.


John X

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