Beat DAO Discord Beat Submission/Competition (December)

The Beat DAO introduces its Beat Submission/Competition as a way of growing its community and onboarding music producers and beatmakers from outside the web 3 ecosystem.

There will be prizes for winners and rewards for participants who engage in referral activities.

  • Already onboarded community members who bring a fellow producer colleague to participate in the monthly competition and earn an extra $10 in NEAR

  • community members who make social media posts that have an engagement of at least 10 likes and three comments would earn $10 in NEAR

Community members seeking to earn rewards by social media posts would have to make a post of the pic below with the caption: "To learn more, join our channels. Discord:BeatsDAO
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @thebeatdao

The winners of the monthly competition would be chosen by the council comprising of @Paul @vandal @JohnX after submissions.

Entry closes on the 19th and the winners would be announced on the 21st of every month

To participate, reply this post with a Google drive link to your beat entry. Please make sure all formats are in MP3 and do also join our Discord channel

The community is looking forward to your creativity.

John X


Awesome! I have a ton of projects going on atm but I’m going to try to enter! :dancing_women:


i will rock it out B]

soon the link will be on discord


Great initiative from BeatDAO! Can’t wait until our collaboration for Rare Vandal kicks off!