[PROPOSAL] August Digital Fashion Workshop for Near DigitalFashion Dao

Proponent: @Styleherbalist

I am Ojukwu Johnson @styleherbalist a web3 fashion designer and a fashion stylist https://instagram.com/style_herbalist?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I’m a professional fashion illustrator, an event promoter and the co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao, I have been into the fashion industry since 2012, I’m the creative director of a fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.
I’m here to build and collaborate with other creatives and DAOs to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Community and in my few months of being a member of Near Community, I have onboarded not less than 10 creatives.
[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting - #59 by Styleherbalist

Near Digital Fashion Dao is a community of fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 Ecosystem collaborating with each other to develop digital arts and fashion crafts as a wearable NFTs and as well educating other Fashion designers and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the need and benefits of switching to Web3 in this digital art revolution and onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

Our main goal is creating a collaborative environment where digital fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 will work hand in hand in educating, devoloping and sensitizing each other in innovative ways and as a result creating digital fashion arts and crafts as wearable NFTs and as well promoting and expanding the Near Ecosystem.

*Here is Our Introduction

Project Description

Digital Fashion Workshop is inspired by the Dao Roadmap. Is about organizing a 2 days workshop for fashion designers and craft makers, during the workshop we will train them on how to use web3 digital fashion tools like CLO and DRESSX, sensitizing them about Near, it Ecosystem and the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.


The Goals in Detail

:heavy_check_mark: onboarding not less than 10 new fashion designers/craft makers

:heavy_check_mark: Sensitizing our participants about Near Protocol and the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution.

:heavy_check_mark: creating at least 10 digital fashion arts as wearable NFTs from our participants trials and take home assignments that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.

Total Budget: $1,400 in Dai

:heavy_check_mark: ITC hub/workshop venue for 2 days $350

:heavy_check_mark: Graphics designs for publicity $100

:heavy_check_mark: printing of fliers/invitations and 2 banners $200

:heavy_check_mark: trainers/instructors bounty for the 2 days $300

:heavy_check_mark: video documentary $200

:heavy_check_mark: logistics and Refreshment for the 2 days $200

:heavy_check_mark: Social media ads/publicity $50

Target Wallet: styleherbalist.near

Project Time: August 2022

Prospect city for the workshop: ABA, ABIA STATE, NIGERIA

*Project Distribution

:heavy_check_mark: Minting on Near DigitalFashion Dao Store


It is a great project and it’s going to be impactful

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