[CLOSED] NEAR DigitalFashion Dao Funding Proposal for August, 2022


Council members
@Styleherbalist (founder)
@Pallo (Co-founder)

Target Wallet

KYC & Contract:
Intended Account @styleherbalist(styleherbalist.near)

Total Requested Fund: $2,000 in Dai

Projects Time: August 2022

Near Digital Fashion Dao is a community of fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 Ecosystem collaborating with each other to develop digital arts and fashion crafts as a wearable NFTs and as well educating other Fashion designers and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the need and benefits of switching to Web3 in this digital art revolution and onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

Our main goal is creating a collaborative environment where digital fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 will work hand in hand in educating, devoloping and sensitizing each other in innovative ways and as a result creating digital fashion arts and crafts as wearable NFTs and as well promoting and expanding the Near Ecosystem.
More detail on our Introduction and Roadmap

This August happens to be our first funding request and we are starting on a good note… From our observations in the near community, there are few web3 fashion designers and craft makers and when we started making research, we discovered one of major reasons why there are few fashion designers and craft makers in Near Ecosystem is because few of them know little knowledge of web3 but lack the technics and tools needed to utilize the web3 Ecosystem, while majority knows nothing about web3 nor Near Protocol. As a result of our research we decided to start with a Workshop for fashion designer and craft makers, sensitizing them about Near Ecosystem and Web3, training them with the digital tools needed as a fashion designer and a craft maker to enable them take advantage of the web3 Ecosystem and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

Near DigitalFashion Dao August projects


$1,400 in Dai (summited by @Styleherbalist)

A Bounty Proposal for our Dao Logo

$150 in Dai (summited by @Pallo)

Council work: $450 in DAI split among the 2 council members and 1 active member @Lesley (who manage our social media platforms)
($150 each)

August Total Budget: $2,000 in Dai

:heavy_check_mark: onboard 10+ New NEARians/creatives

:heavy_check_mark: Create 10+ New Near Wallets

:heavy_check_mark: Create 10+ digital art as wearable NFTs

:heavy_check_mark: increase to 50+ community across all our social media platforms

:heavy_check_mark: obtain photos and videos from the 2 days workshop to enable us publicize about our community in all social media platforms.


Join our community




We intend extending our social media community after our first project…

Tagging @creativesdao-council :heart:


Nice one Fam… Keep the fire burning


Thanks fam… The future is $NEAR


Good :+1: sounds like fun too :smiley:

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Thanks, I’m glad the community love the whole idea :grinning::grinning:


Really nice and fun​:grin:

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We appeal that creative moderators should review our proposal @creativesdao-council @ted.iv @Monish016 @Paul @blusw

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Thanks for submiting your proposal I love the vision and the concept!
but I also would like to ask you to explain more about this:

Is strange to tell exacly who will do this jobs, and who will earn on this proposal:

Could you please tell us more about your logistics If there is workers out of near ecosystem, Is not clear for me. Can you tell us more about?


Thank you for buying into our Dao vision and concept…

Our Dao is a new community

And one of our major goals as a Dao is to onboard creatives out there who are still operating in web2 into Near Ecosystem and make them see the benefits of web3 over web2, in so doing most of the people and firms we are going to work with are people outside the Near Ecosystem and in processing working with us, we will onboard them into Near Ecosystem…

Regarding to their payment/earnings on the project

Majority of them will propose for their payment on astro Dao for transparency sake, and few who might not be technically advanced will be paid in fiat but will definitely be Onboard into Near Ecosystem and gradually get used to the Ecosystem.

In regards to the project logistics…

Our trainers/instructors are coming from a different city, so their transportation, hotel and Refreshment must be assure, our trainers are professionals in digital fashion who are not operating in Near Ecosystem and have little or no idea about Near Protocol, which we will fully onboard them into Near Ecosystem while they propose for their payout on astro Dao…

Hopefully I was able to clear you @blusw and other moderators @kc_sollano @williamx @creativesdao-council


Greetings moderators @Cryptonaut @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx @adrianseneca @creativesdao-council we appeal that the review of our August proposal should be concluded to enable us start evangelism/publicity…
The city of Aba where the digital fashion workshop is to be hold is a very big city and very good fertile grand for Near Ecosystem to be planted in the heart of the people… A city where 60% are creatives and 40% are into fashion and craft making but they know nothing about web3 nor Near Protocol… So we have a whole lots of work to do to enable us exceed our metrics for success.


This is very exciting and I’m pretty sure this project would motivate many prospective digital fashion entrepreneurs to switching to the web3 ecosystem. Keep it up bro.


Comprehensively speaking… This is a new shift for the community


Yes fam, truly is a new shift for our community but we are still waiting for the @creativesdao-council to conclude their review

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Greetings @creativesdao-council we have been waiting patiently to get a feedback on our proposal… Tagging @blusw @kc_sollano @Paul @williamx @Cryptonaut and @adrianseneca for visibility

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This is perfect for collaboration with [APPROVED] near fashion dao- august-2022 since even your name is similar and looks like you have common goal and vision (cc @ENYI @Dabbie3229).

I believe there’s no point to double the projects where you can collaborate together under one DAO.

Sorry, but I’m not able to support this proposal.


Thanks for your observations @Paul DigitalFashion Dao has a different vision and concept from fashion Dao… And mostly their goals in fashion Dao are majored to style and merchandising which was what that inspired their initial name NEAR STYLE AND MERCH DAO before they now change their Dao name to Fashion Dao…

You can check our introduction which contain both our Roadmap for clarity of what our vision and mission is all about…

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Digital Fashion Dao is a community of digital fashion designers and craft makers, all we do is working hand in hand, collaborating with each other to develop digital arts in fashion and other crafts, educating and sensitizing each other and other creatives who are still operating in web2 the benefits of operating in Web3 and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem… We have nothing to do with styling and merchandising of fashion which is what Fashion Dao you want us to collaborate with is all about… And we already have booming community growing everyday even when our proposal have not been approved…

Please I appeal to you @Paul to take time review everything about our Dao before deciding if you will support our community or not…

This is our telegram



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Fashion Dao which is formerly known as style and merch Dao has a different goal and there vision is totally different from ours…

This is a quote from their introduction… So their major is on styling and merchandising…

And we as DigitalFashion Dao are already booming and growing as a separate community and we focus majorly on digital arts in fashion and craft making. And also educating and training fashion designer and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the tools they need to enable them operate in Web3 Ecosystem and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem…

We appeal to @creativesdao-council to see reasons for our community to operate on it own… Because merging with another Dao might slow us down, therefore making difficult for us to achieve our Roadmap and our vision as a Dao

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Thank you Paul for your observation.

I have been trying to see the bridge that can be connected with this DAO but I have come to the understanding that it would not work, as regards a collaboration because of these points below

  1. We had our introduction some months ago and we have been soliciting for funding from creatives about our projects for a while now with our activities set in stone. [Introduction] Near Fashion DAO
    Our community is open to contributions even though we don’t see any different thing that this DAO that we are not already planning to do

  2. In our proposal, we highlighted voxel model creations and design bounties for graphic artists… these activities are digital in nature and subsequently we are planning models for the metaverse in the coming months…

  3. We are older than this DAO and it’s members can join our community to contribute once we climb the tiering levels

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No doubt that you your dao exited before ours but on a different name and a different motive with ours… And when the name of your Dao was changed from Style and merch Dao to Fashion Dao it still maintained it initial motives and goals…

In our introduction [introduction] Near Digitalfashion Dao we stated it clearly what our Dao is all about and we were able to state our Roadmap which will enable us attest to self sustainability and it has nothing to do with your dao goals and motives…

We don’t have any intention to compete nor contest with your dao… In this community we all are here to build…