[Proposal] Arroz Criativo Merchandising November

Breakdown of work anticipated for November as communicated by Sam Hill @lamour & @laurapnz

  • Began writing a price list/stock check of items in store Arroz Merchandise and Resident items and building upon this for residents list here (maybe include link or not?)

- Further research to be made on payment processes. Payments to be made in NEAR/Cash/multibanco/card payment at bar for items physically or social media sales?. Also to research and gain confirmation on tax chargeable (23%) on selling items via Arroz face to face selling via physical store. Arroz Merchandise sold through mintbase stores will be purchased with NEAR excluding tax?

- Arrange discussions with Arroz residents and feedback/solutions on incorporating tax onto their items, in particular residents with already existing products in the store.

  • This leads me onto the continuation of setting up selling via Arroz Merchandise mintbase store - Arranging professional photography of products including models for t-shirts for example and begin uploading and adding relevant data/information. Also photography and design store look/editorial. Further meetings/workshops will be scheduled with Vandal to learn how to NFT products and set up store accurately. It was discussed to only include Arroz paid for Merchandise items at this stage.

  • Continuation of sourcing more residents items for store as a Arroz Community Store and filling the physical shop further

  • To begin designing the next range of Arroz Merch t-shirts and also logo branded bucket hats and tote bags/socks. It was discussed that now we have a physical store set up, more Arroz branded merchandise will need to be added into the store to gather even further interest. Quantities of each item to be confirmed with @Steven MacKay and budget. Designs for all products to be carried out by Sam and Laura and possibly another resident of Arroz for a t-shirt design. Also once produced added onto the mintbase store. - Some budget is available for t-shirts in NEAR, however budget for Hats, tote bags, socks is needed? Costs confirmed once agreement has been made on quantities

  • Printing and manufacturing companies - research for socks/buckets hats in particular that offer an environmental product and faster turnaround times. As mentioned above, costs for this?

  • Member of staff - Searching for a member of staff for the store to begin store opening for the schedule of Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday (6pm-10pm) and Sunday market 19h-22h (last Sunday of every month) - Costs per hour? to be paid though Arroz or NEAR?

  • Purchasing items for the physical shop to function effectively. Purchase of a lockable cash box with key to be kept in a safe (office) when the shop is closed. Purchase of logging book to keep record at time of face to face sale and then transferred onto excel. Costs?

  • Purchase of packaging/bags/tags/wrapping paper/Arroz stamp for when a sale is made physically and also to include postage packaging for items sold online. Sourcing and researching to look for environmentally friendly packaging to minimize plastic and help continue and promote a consciousness as part of the Arroz branding and ethos of the initial set up of the store (t-shirts ethical sourced/second hand/ research into fair made t-shirts and products. Store being made from entirely recycled/found materials. Costs?

  • Begin Social media presence of gradual store launch with Luisa to incorporate selling points and ethos loosely discussed above.

  • Last work to be done on Physical set up of store - Design exterior wall of shop entrance and produce wall art to promote store within. Also begin design and produce a store stand alone sign (approx 1 metre height x 60 cm) to use to stand outside when the store is open. Paint and draw windows/glass of shop with relevant information decor. Paint the main back wall of the shop with color besides white TBC on colour. Costs? I have one exterior small paint to start with and a donation from David (former planting air), however I will need more. Also costs for paint back wall in shop and research costs on stand alone shop sign?

Sam and Laura anticipated hours for all works mentioned above? TBC

Anticipated approximately 50N =580$ TBC

Target : samhill.near


Excited to see this come together!