[Proposal] Arroz Merchandising Store April 2022

Project members :[ [@lamour]&[ [@laurapnz]

TOTAL HOURS : = 57 HOURS = NEAR = 53 (N = $13.97)

TOTAL COST FOR NEW MATERIALS (A-board sign, Paint and Print Displayer) = 190 Euros = 15 NEAR



For the main part of April we are going to be focusing on finalizing our mint base store, particularly now that things have started moving more in the physical shop and we are very happy with our new member of staff. This gives us more time to edit and achieve a much better outcome of the online store. There have been some very successful products selling well from members that we still have not had the opportunity to photograph for online sales as they were produced later, this is something we would like to focus on along with the photographing of our new t-shirt merchandise for the online store also.

Our new t-shirts have been produced and ready to be delivered, so we are going to be carrying out another photoshoot this month for social media and the mintbase store. This will also be another opportunity for community engagement by members taking part in modeling products and being part of the photoshoot at the same time engaging in brainstorming ideas for their products’ image and display. Also upon each sale made physically in the store we are going trial taking emails from customers to send details of our online store in particular for NEAR wallet purchasing. Arroz studios receives a multicultural clientele and sometimes not all visitors live in Portugal, so it is an opportunity to keep in touch with new items and continue to connect with a wider audience.

Along with working on permanent shop signage, we are looking at purchasing a neon shop sign, which works really well for the style of the shop https://www.pirilampo.pt/ . At the moment we are in the process of researching costs and sizing for this and location for a good shop exposure and advertisement. In the meantime we have found some recycled materials from our storage here at Arroz to build a more permanent A board sign. We have come up with some designs for the outside shop sign including various payment processes and we are needing a laminate waterproof print from Digiset, this sign to be put out at all times during events and even when the shop is closed to encourage interest.

We have received feedback from the studios that we are in need of some more eye catching ways to display the vinyl and prints in our store. This will also increase the sale of these items over the coming months. We are in need of some frames for our prints to place on the wall of the shop and potentially sell as a framed print. We have received a couple of donations of second hand frames that could work so far. The item that we are finding difficult to find and in particular second hand is a print holder…Jackson's : Print Rack | Jackson's Art Supplies . We feel this one is the most appropriate and within a good budget.

Along with this and the warmer months to come we are also looking to paint the back wall of the shop yellow or a bright inviting color to attract even further attention to enter the store particularly as we are now having much lighter evening events!

As the shop has had an increase in sales of the past few weeks, we are noticing that we are needing more items into the store, so further requests are going to be made to Arroz members to produce or add more items, so the shop does not look empty. Now that we we have gained more t-shirts we are asking members to decide on further t-shirts designs for Arroz merchandise for when we are ready for the next batch and Laura and i now beginning to have time to look for items such as tote bags and summer hats, which is already a good seller in the store and more of a summer item. It would also be another boost to the online store and the more Arroz merchandise items the better!


Looking and sounding good again :slight_smile: