[Report] Arroz Merchandising Store November Report

Project members : @lamour & @laurapnz
targets : samhill.near, laurapnz.near & massi.near

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Report below delivered by Sam Hill & Massimiliano Sarta.

Breakdown of work carried out in November - Arroz Merchandise Store

Begun keeping record of items in store Arroz Merchandise and Resident items. Stock count and sales.

Arranged discussions with Arroz residents and feedback/solutions on incorporating tax onto their items, in particular residents with already existing products in the store - decided to pay in cash for residents items.

We managed to fill the store with even more resident items and participated in a Charity event in conjunction against Black Friday called Fair Saturday on 27th November (see images). We received great feedback and managed to sell some resident items.

Began designing and researching products for the next range of Arroz Merchandising mainly starting with t-shirt design. Working on approx 4 designs produced by Samantha Hill and Laura Penez. Also collaborating with Mitch Von Arx (another Arroz resident) on a t-shirt design using his digital images through his music covers work. It was agreed that due to high demand for appointments with our printing company based in Ericeira before Christmas, we are looking to book in time for the new year with a new range of t-shirts ready in January and launch in the shop.

Researched and found three potential options shop staff at Arroz Merchandise shop - Aude (worked on various exhibitions at Arroz), Raquel (already a staff member of events team), Joao - private recommendations of someone with relevant shop experience. Agreed that the interview process will be carried out at the beginning of the new year.

Purchased a log book, box items for sales face to face in a physical store.

Social media - Laura has designed a shop highlight/logo for social media accounts and we are coming up with a plan of social media schedule for launch. Daniele filmed a video footage interview of Laura and Sam for social media presence along with images of us working physically in the shop when open.

Designed the exterior wall of the shop and carried out painting the entrance with wall art. Along with this we added new light bulbs and decorative items into the store.

Produced a temporary store stand alone sign (approx 1 metre height x 60 cm) to use to stand outside when the store is open. Painted and decorated windows/glass of shop with relevant information decor and design.

9th - 28th November - 18 hours design work computer and painting

16- 17th Nov - Research into products and printers plus phone calls

22nd November - 8 hours spent sourcing paint and producing wall art for outside of shop - costs involved here of products bought

27th November - Fair Saturday event - 11am to 18:00 - 7 hours spent setting up and working in the shop physically for a charity event.

SHOP BUILD (report by Massimiliano)

prepared the wall for painting -installation of the door - installation of the glass - installation of the light - door lock -preparation and mounting display showcase -preparation and installation t-shirts pole - painted mirror

6/10 3h
8/10 4h
9/10 1h
10/10 2h
25/10 4h

total hours: 14h
rate per hour: 7euro

14h x 7e = 98 euro
móvel + espelho = 30 euro

Total shop project = 128 euro

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