[Proposal] Arroz Merchandising October

Hi all,

Merchandising was partly funded in September so this is for work anticipated in October.

Total requested is : 56N (431$)

Breakdown as communicated by Sam Hill @lamour & @laurapnz

Continue preparing presentation to show to Arroz residents regarding adding their own merchandise to the shop and present this to them individually

  • Continue building the physical shop - Sourcing cost effective physical shop fittings at markets and found/donated objects -

Cost hooks, tags/pricing, window material, furniture to hang items, paint, + Massi shop door fixing 30 NEAR

  • Start designing a wall art to be painted outside of the shop and begin painting this with help from Arroz residents (included in the cost above)

  • Begin to add existing t-shirts and items into the physical store to sell and build from there

  • Finalise two more designs to go to print for screen printed t-shirts for further range of designs. - Confirm final print date for next set of t-shirts at Printee http://printee.pt

  • Start the process of sourcing cheap recycled paper to print designs onto posters also for selling in store/online - x 10 at Printee 4 NEAR

  • Begin learning about and setting up a mintbase store for t-shirt selling - with help from @vandal andal

  • 7 days Design + sourcing + shop fittings + in the physical store : 22 NEAR