[Proposal] Add Naveen to the Marketing DAO Council

Hello All,

My name is Naveen, I am working with the NEAR Guilds program since May 2021. Previously worked with Degen and OWS Contributor Program. Right now managing NEAR NFT Club, NEAR MEME DAILY, and Instagram Community Accounts

  • Why do you want to join the Council
  1. I am serving as a community builder (NEAR NFT’s and MEME) and have a background in Digital Marketing. With my skills, I can contribute to sharing my opinions on marketing projects by both the perspectives.

  2. I have been getting rewards from the marketing DAO since past three months. So now I have a good understanding in directing the new proposals to follow the current mechanism and check the final reports.

  • What experience you have managing proposals on the forum
  1. I have been an active contributor in responding to my Guild Forum posts and defend the work I have proposed with the good results.
    Recent reports submitted by me in Marketing DAO
  1. My contribution stats to the forum

  • What value you will add
  1. Add value to the projects by suggesting digital marketing strategies
  2. Monitoring the proposed marketing activities are creating any impact or not
  3. Encourage new projects coming from the South Asian region to get more involved within NEAR
  • Anything else you believe to be of

I believe by connecting the people having aligned vision will give us better results.

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@MktngDAO_Advisors check this out.

Hello @naveen_in! Here you have a fan of your work. :star_struck:

Thanks to your initiatives, we still have memes, and we are now running Meme contests on the main channels following your lead, so you have been adding value to the NEAR Community.

You still add value daily, like running those Twitter Spaces with @zubairansari07 where I had the pleasure to co-host inviting NFT projects.

I know you run many more activities, just mentioning the ones I have been involved in as part of the community.

I am sure you could soon be one of the leaders from the first batch of self-sustainable Guilds. We as a community should support you in that way, keep helping regarding marketing and awareness, and keep your Guild on track to achieve sustainability.

I encourage you to submit a budget proposal in that regard.

All the best,



Thanks Fritz!

I feel good to see our vision with the MEME DAILY is getting aligned with the work of main channels.

It’s a young and strong initiative we have bought up together. Thanks for co-hosting it with NEAR NFT Club.

Thanks for bringing this up. It will be my pleasure to be a part of it.

I would leave that to @marketingdao-council .
IMO the council members can decide it based on the values I will bring up to the DAO proposals every month along with the weekly reports.


hey naveen! nice to see you here! love your work


@David_NEAR @Grace @satojandro @cryptocredit @Dacha

Hello Marketing Leaders =) I do believe Naveen has proven contributions regarding marketing and exposure.

Will be great to hear your feedback

Cheers :beers:


Awesome Naveen! I think it’s a great add to the marketing!


Hi @naveen_in thanks for your post.

As you probably know, the Marketing DAO has recently onboarded two new council members. They started this journey via the Gen Crypto event last year, participating in a workshop and then spending a couple of months as marketing DAO Advisors.

I see that you are involved in a number of other Near projects and groups and have experience in digital marketing.

To give you a deeper understanding of the work of Marketing DAO activities, perhaps the next step might be to participate in our weekly DAO council meetings with a view to becoming an Advisor.


Hi @cryptocredit
Thanks for sharing it.

I didn’t knew the positions got occupied.
Congratulations to the new Council Members @Klint and @so608

I like this idea to start the work from attending the council meetings to the Advisory position.


Good morning @marketingdao-council members

Kindly reconsider my proposal to add me in the @MktngDAO_Advisors position.

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