[PROPOSAL] A-Z Onboarding Tutorial Video (in English)

The Project:

As we all know, the onboarding process can be time consuming with newbies. Very often their hesitation can’t be fully removed and they decide against taking part in the crypto world. Our goal is to produce an entertaining tutorial with quick edits, that shows real people in real environments to enhance the accessibility and help remove objections against the first steps into NEAR’s ecosystem.

Christopher Michael (@roadworks.near aka camcat.pt) from LENS DAO will be filming, editing and providing the audio & video equipment for the shoot of the tutorial. He has been filming numerous videos for other DAOs in the past (Black Cat, LENS, Muti, Graffiti, Garden and Arroz Criativos).

The Team:

Christopher Michael / @roadworks.near, videographer at LENS DAO (director/editor)
Raquel Areia / @raquelareia.near, community manager at Arroz Estudios (speaker 1)
Catia Ciriaco / @catiaciriaco.near, Planting AIR manager at Arroz Estudios (speaker 2)
(potentially Gaylord, web3 expert at Arroz Estudios (speaker 3))


  • An entertaining high-paced tutorial video, ideally not longer than 2.5 to 3 minutes, that will cover the following topics (those can be added / changed):
  • What is NEAR and what is Arroz Estudios? (In simple language)
  • What do these two have in common?
  • Can I participate as an artist? (Planting AIR)
  • Opening a wallet
  • Getting paid & exchanging into FIAT
  • NFTs + mintbase
  • General advantages
  • Other possibilities with NEAR (Pizza, Cinema, Tickets, Staking, Trading etc.)

(We will be discussing the content based on our experience re the challenges with newbies. And we are also open for suggestions about what’s most important / missing etc.)


The tutorial can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Social Media of Arroz / LENS DAO / other DAOs (for anyone that needs the onboarding process and the overall structure explained)
  • During workshops
  • As a link on WhatsApp / TG
  • As a newsletter with high potential audience
  • By NEAR for internal and / or external use


  • Shooting of video in late-June (depending on weather and availability of speakers)
  • Editing / titles / animations: 1st week of July
  • Release: 2nd week of July

Funding request:

  • $250 to roadworks.near for 1-2 days of filming
  • $250 to roadworks.near for 2-3 days of editing / titles / animations
  • $50 to roadworks.near, as rent for camera, light, microphone

Total requested: $550


Video is out! Enjoy :slight_smile: