[Project Approved] NFT Exclusive EP titled “When Angels Fall”

The Proposed Date of release of the project is 28th December, 2021

The Purpose of Project is to create a 4-track Hip Hop EP that embodies my sound and lyrics which usually involve Life Experiences, Storytelling, Inspiration blended with glorious sounding production. I aim to be able to release this as a NEAR NFT-only project with only a handful of copies minted. I have quite a sizeable following on Social Media and can use this project as a bridge for interested Fans to be acquainted with NEAR ecosystem and create/use NEAR wallets to be able to purchase the project.

If approved, I intend to being recording ASAP and I plan to reach out to 2 artists (Janine Annice & 1 other) i’ve been privileged to come across on the NxM group to be a part of this project.

You can check out my previous music here: ‎KING STUNNA on Apple Music

NFTs are a relatively new concept in my country - Nigeria and i want to use this Project as an opportunity to cut across, introduce & onboard people to the concept. The Artwork/Poster (to be minted as well) will be created by an artist and will be captivating enough to draw attention to the project.

Detailed budget:
Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering (4 Tracks): $100 each at $400
Artwork: $50
Social Media Ads: $200
Welfare: $50
Short Promotional video: $100
Total cost involved: $800

I haven’t factored in costs involved in Minting until project is completed but will be paid for from my end.

Marketing will be primarily done through help from NxM Guild members by posting on their social media accounts, 2nd will be through my immediate (non-NxM) circle posting and creating awareness for the project. I intend to run social media ads on Instagram & Facebook. I also intend to involve the help of a few influencer friends to help create more buzz and better chances of NFT purchases.

I am applying for $500 in NEAR tokens for the project. Thank you in advance for your consideration and the opportunity.

Wallet: kingstunna.near


Hey @kingstunna thanks for submitting this project proposal. I’m already familiar with your work and it was a pleasure to enjoy your set at NxM Live 7 last week!

Can you link your social media for council to see pls

I like how this project involves NxM community members and that you want to release NFTs using Mintbase and NxM, to me this is important.

What is welfare?

This would be done via the NxM store and the minting costs are very low, most likely under $1 for the collection.

cc @NxM council for feedback!

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Agreed with @vandal 's comments

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social media links:

Welfare: also means miscellanous, transportation to studio, unforeseen expenses for example as already getting discounted fees on recording and post production, but sometimes you still need to get food and drinks for the producers and engineer working on the project, just for the sake of relationships, i’ll handle that from my own pocket, just put that in the budget for breakdown and transparency.

cc @NxM council


Hey @kingstunna We’re happy to announce that your project has been approved to receive funding under December’s Projects stream. Congrats on behalf of the NxM Council @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace and myself :partying_face:

Thank you so much @NxM @vandal @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace :heart_eyes: I really appreciate this.

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I would like to ask to postpone the release date for this project. Its been hectic this holiday season. Everyone, producers, studio engineers, collaborators are dragging because everyone’s either performing at events or traveling. New proposed date is January 25th, 2022, less than a month from now to enable everybody get back to work properly.

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@kingstunna thanks for the update! Happy holidays to you and yours!

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