[Project Proposal] For The Recording Of An EP Titled "Why Not Come Near?" - December 2021


I’m August Kinge.

I am a vocalist, singer and songwriter. I’m always on the lookout for potentially world-changing phenomena and when I found Near Protocol, I knew I had found the perfect environment where, using my abilities, I can generate synergistic solutions that will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

I propose to record a 4-track EP to be titled “Why Not Come Near?” The EP will feature two Near Protocol-themed songs. I will dedicate these tracks to artistically introducing my audience to the new world where Near Protocol-pionered solutions will ease many of their age long worries.

My Nigerian compatriots like Wizkid, BurnaBoy and Davido have popularised the “Afrofusion” genre. I will capitalise on this, using this exciting genre to drive the Near message home more effectively.

The project, when completed, will be minted as an NFT on Mintbase. It will also be exclusively accessible only on Emanate.

December 23, 2021 is the date for the completion of this entire project.

I’m willing to feature any interested artist from the NxM on the project.


I request $500 to be disbursed thus:

$250 for studio sessions and recordings
$200 for mastering and mixing
$50 for transportation and other logistics.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Hey @AugustKinge thanks for submitting your project proposal! Do you have any examples of your previous work you can share with us here? Also would be great if you could also link one of your social accounts! I think the proposal is simple and to the point, so looking fwd to additional feedback from @NxM council!

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Thanks @vandal, I appreciate.

This is my Instagram link:


And here’s a link to one of my songs.

I look forward to your feedback.


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Yes, this looks a simple proposal integrating with Near in the right way.


Only other comment/observation- for the rest of the council - and not directly related to this proposal - is that we now have at least 3 “Near” themed songs…(i’m not finished reading all the projects proposals)

My personal preference is to see music (& art) that isn’t branded “near”…it feels like a novelty record rather than something the musician would make naturally if Nxm wasn’t funding…

So maybe a limit on funding one such track per month …the idea being to encourage musicians record their music…rather than propose something we might go for because it has “near” in the title…

Don’t want to be an artistic gatekeeper…but how many musicians really genuinely want to make a song about near…without the patronage/funding…

thoughts @vandal, @chloe @Grace

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Hello @zeitwarp.

I understand your concerns.

On my part, incorporating Near Protocol into the project was my way of showing gratitude.

I’d appreciate pointers on how to make effective and ‘undeniable’ proposals.

Have a great weekend!




my personal view is that NxM should be encouraging musicians to make the authentic music they would normally make…that is…without Near being the patron.

so…maybe make a Projects proposal based on what it is you really want to do…rather than what might get accepted…

of course if what you really want to do as a musician is make a tribute song to Near…then go for it…but I suspect that this is not what anyone in NxM really wants to do…(but if you do…then apologies)

so as a guide [my view]:

1] make a proposal based on your genuine artistic vision as a musician…even better if it is something you have always wanted to do…but funding was stopping you
2] integrate Nxm and/or Near audio NFT infrastructure in the project as much as you can - mintbase, Nxm store, etc
3] bonus points for onboarding a number of new musicians, engineers, anyone to Near and/or NxM
3] some of the council are in favour of collabs within NxM…this is less important to me…but I can see it as a valid use of funds if the project is authentic [1] & interesting [4]
4] bonus points [from me] for doing something unusual - non-mainstream -

there will be lots of funding opportunities going forward - good luck :+1: :+1:

tagging @vandal Vandal & @chloe who might have a different view…


Thanks @zeitwarp

This greatly clarifies some misconceptions I’d held. I appreciate the succinctness of your writing and the goodwill of your tone.

Having been stuck for many years with ideas whose fruition has been hampered by lack of funding, I find that I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity.

My “genuine artistic vision as a musician”, while modest, can hardly be catered for by funds available for projects. But I gladly content myself with what’s available and modify my vision accordingly.

The pointers you have provided are a great boon, and will help me shape my next efforts.

Finally, I salute this truly revolutionary, world changing movement. I’m convinced that the impact being made here will reverberate globally in no time.

Thank you.

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Just a reminder @AugustKinge that you can fine tune and submit your proposal again for January :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing quality feedback @zeitwarp :100:

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Thanks, @vandal.

I will fine-tune and resubmit.

Thanks again, @zeitwarp.

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