[Pre-Announcement] MoonBase - The DAO Management Application

Greetings NEARians!

We are MoonBase, a small team with 5 awesome developers whom are on a mission to build a platform to help manage your next generation organization!

Initially we set off to create a DAO for the space industry, perhaps it was a bit ahead of it’s time as we faced unique challenges which created many setbacks and roadblocks for progressing the vision of the DAO. Our journey led us to developing the application we need to operate an effective organization with these new digital tools.

MoonBase Features

DAO Functions
Our dashboard enables you to create a DAO, member management, voting, proposals, multi-sig treasury, and other core features.

Any DAO created on AstroDAO or with the sputnik contract will populate in the MoonBase dashboard.

Task Management
Task management system enables members to assign tasks to specific individuals, set deadlines, and track progress. This system displays the status of the tasks, making it easier for members to stay up-to-date on the progress of the DAO.

Encrypted peer to peer messaging system that enables members to communicate with each other and discuss sensitive or confidential information that may not need to be shared in a public forum.

Encrypted file sharing system that enables members to upload, share, and collaborate on documents with version control. Send terabytes of data with no limits.

Other Features in Development

Chat-based governance
Chat-based governance system makes it easier for members to participate in the proposal and voting process of the DAO from the convenience of a Discord server or Telegram channel.

Video Conferencing
Server-less private and encrypted multi party video conferencing running on direct connection between all members.

Connect With Us


Twitter & Telegram:
@ MoonBaseDAO