[2022-01-21] Sputnik / Astro Update


2022q1 Roadmap

How to read:

  • Across the top we have kinds of DAOs, both those currently active on NEAR and those we’re excited to enable.
  • Below that we have 3 “swim lanes” of work happening in parallel across the next 3 months.
    • Astro is an “every day user” friendly website for launching a NEAR DAO in less than 5 minutes. Meet, Vote, Fund! In addition to these development efforts there is a GTM campaign, including round 2 of DAOcubator.
    • Sputnik is the contract level protocol for NEAR DAOs, powering many interfaces for interacting with DAOs including CLI tooling, bots, and web UIs. The big work here is an audit of the contracts which have merged in several months of work, for expected deployment in March.
    • Partner tooling is everything else that we have heard as blockers from DAOs. We are tracking these ecosystem resources so we can let DAOs know as they become available. Some of them, like KYC, will be available in the Astro interface after they’re working at contract level.
  • We’ve shopped this around on weekly NEAR DAO Ecosystem calls, to DAOs who are using Astro, and to folks outside the NEAR ecosystem. While we’re confident our prioritizations over the next few months are bringing the greatest value possible, we always welcome feedback. Please share insights/comments here!

Development Status


I liked your organization ! congratulation!


This is a really helpful way to visualize the upcoming features roadmap. I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve and ship!