[2022-06-15] Sputnik / Astro Update

So much has happened in the past few months! TLDR;

Development Status

AstroDAO Release 3.0.8 :crystal_ball:

  • Migration wizard for v2 DAOs to move configuration & assets to v3.
  • Custom Function Call template for DAOs to perform votes on other DAOs.
  • Copy Custom Function Call Templates To Your DAO.
  • Users can log into and switch between multiple wallets.
  • Full support for USN stable coin.
  • Proposals can be created from URL parameters, allowing web pages to have links which will create a proposal to a DAO.
  • Vote without redirecting to wallet by enabling a per-DAO allowance.
  • Granular control of per-group permissions.
  • Receive notifications via Email/SMS.
  • Changelog on Canny

SputnikDAO Contract 3.0 :rocket:

Community Status

Weekly Meetings:

DAO Incubation:

  • DAOcubator program helps existing communities and causes leverage the power of DAOs through micro grants and mentorship.
  • Leaders who have completed all 3 phases of the DAOcubator program can graduate into a role of mentorship and grant giving.
  • DAOcubator overview and submission form.
  • DAOstructor Workflow by DeepWork to get a sense of what kinds of materials mentors are covering.