[2022-06-15] Sputnik / Astro Update

So much has happened in the past few months! TLDR;

Development Status

AstroDAO Release 3.0.8 :crystal_ball:

  • Migration wizard for v2 DAOs to move configuration & assets to v3.
  • Custom Function Call template for DAOs to perform votes on other DAOs.
  • Copy Custom Function Call Templates To Your DAO.
  • Users can log into and switch between multiple wallets.
  • Full support for USN stable coin.
  • Proposals can be created from URL parameters, allowing web pages to have links which will create a proposal to a DAO.
  • Vote without redirecting to wallet by enabling a per-DAO allowance.
  • Granular control of per-group permissions.
  • Receive notifications via Email/SMS.
  • Changelog on Canny

SputnikDAO Contract 3.0 :rocket:

Community Status

Weekly Meetings:

DAO Incubation:

  • DAOcubator program helps existing communities and causes leverage the power of DAOs through micro grants and mentorship.
  • Leaders who have completed all 3 phases of the DAOcubator program can graduate into a role of mentorship and grant giving.
  • DAOcubator overview and submission form.
  • DAOstructor Workflow by DeepWork to get a sense of what kinds of materials mentors are covering.



I have a question what about tokenWeighted in weightKind ? I don’t success to implement with near-cli. No one has tokens and so no one can vote.
I’m actually trying to deploy test_token.wasm to see what look like, but I’m not really convinced.
Can we discuss about it ?

Veeery nice to begin this !!

I have some notes about how to write proposals (I think I have all of them), maybe it can be helpful for the book.

You’re doing figures with miro ?! :wink:

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And finally last question : Why sputnikDAO is not available in testnet ? It’s better for testing no ?

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You can access https://testnet.app.astrodao.com/ to experiment without spending any real NEAR :grin:

Please do share your tips for writing proposals!

Yeah indeed, SputnikDao and AstroDao are still the same tool ?!
Yeah I share file in the day but in fact I had been try to find from rust file but with astroDao (in testnet) it’s clearly easier I can explain the steps.

With AstroDao as we can put proposals after put one in a DAO, at the right of the name we can access to near explorer and we have the JSON part of the proposal in Arguments. I will share a compacted file of all kind of proposals (I will try to be as exhaustif as I could).

AstroDAO is the UI and SputnikDAO contracts are under the hood. There are many interfaces you can use to interact with the same Sputnik contracts Astro is built on.

About JSON reuse in Astro, 3.0.9 introduced an “Actions library” with reusable custom function calls:


Ah yes i saw you have defined some function call. Really good work for that !!

Have been witnessing the growth of Astrodao :rocket:. Many more to come :green_heart::clap:

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Hi guys,
I heard about a “new” function implemented in some DAOs like compound Dao which is Ragequit().

Is there someone in the sputnik Team who are working on similar function ?
I’m available to discuss about it and maybe join the team who is working on it.

Are you at the Dev console & Explorer community meeting ?