[Post-event report] Metaverse Roadshow by Nestercity

The Metaverse Roadshow, created by Nestercity, was held on January 12th-14th, 2023 at Taman Literasi, Jakarta. The theme of the roadshow was “Metaverse for Everyone” and aimed to educate and engage the public about the possibilities of the metaverse. The roadshow was a collaborative effort between Nestercity and Myriad Social, and it was designed to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive experience of the metaverse.

The roadshow attracted a diverse range of visitors, from children to adults and even older people. Not only were there attendees from Indonesia, but also from Papua New Guinea. In total, there were more than 100 people visiting Nestercity’s booth to experience the digital world.

One of the key highlights of the roadshow was the VR experience provided by Nestercity. Visitors were able to experience walking around the metaverse and see the possibilities it offers. This provided visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the metaverse and learn more about its potential uses in various industries such as education, entertainment, and more.

The roadshow was met with great enthusiasm and excitement from visitors. The team was pleased to see the positive response from visitors when they experienced the metaverse in real-time. The roadshow was a great success, and it provided a valuable learning experience for the visitors and the team.

Nestercity expects that the development of the metaverse will become more common in the future, and it is likely to become an integral part of the web2. The team believes that as more people become familiar with the metaverse, the more it will be used in everyday life. This can be seen from the growing interest from various sectors.

For the wrapped-up video, please proceed to this link: Here

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It’s an awesome clip. these are the shows that raise awareness and prepare people for the metaverse’s future.

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