Plantasia’s projects and a future DAO

Hello everyone, Plantasia here! We’d like to introduce ourselves and share some of our ideas with you all!

Plantasia has been a venue for music and the arts for the past two years, holding several exhibitions, performances, concerts, parties and crypto events/partnerships (Metacartel, Tally, Mintbase, NxM vibes, DAOist, Mae Solteira label). We are based in Anjos, Lisbon but we are currently expanding our concept to better accomodate our new partners and ideas (which have multiplied in a very short period of time!).

We are very excited to announce that we are building a mirror of Plantasia at CryptoVoxels and also organising a 2 day festival at a beautiful enormous land in Alentejo, which we want to run regularly as we have full access to it all year round.
It’s a place full of nature, a single friendly neighbour, sun, sun, sun, 6 thousand ancient olive trees, a lake and a natural swimming pool. There’s more which I will share in a second post just not to make this one too long✨

We would love to work extensively with crypto in the festival, from payments, discounts, reserved tickets for those using crypto, to talks and helping agents. Creating Plantasia tokens (called plants or buds) as well as different ways of participating within our community pre and post festival are ideas that we are also working on with our team. With us, we have several local artistic groups, international djs/musician, as well as local food and wine producers (all natural = no headaches) and, very important to us, the municipality is very interested in joining us by helping with funding and communication!

Through the holy trinity of music, arts and crypto, Plantasia wants to promote a deeper sense of unity and a stronger local community that collaborates with other local and international communitites in a decentralized way.

We believe that by creating a DAO for Plantasia, we can gather helping hands/minds to release the full potential of our space as a crypto meet-up hub in Lisbon where one could onboard a ton of new valuable members to the community (as already initiated by our previous collabs). Ultimately we can expand our project by funding more and better events to bring crypto knowledge to Alentejo, a very promising region that’s open to progressive ideas.

We are looking forward to hearing from you all!

If you wanna know more about us, check our insta page and our Resident Advisor.


Nice! Happy to see that more places in Lisbon are getting into the ecosystem :slight_smile:
Everyone can set up their DAO on ASTRO Dao.

Do you already have possible council members and roadmap in mind?

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Welcome to the Forum and Near Ecosystem :revolving_hearts: We’re super excited to hear more news about that festival :sunglasses:

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Thank you!! :heartpulse: let’s catch up soon

Hi! Yes, we do have possible council members. Do they have to belong to another DAO? Is there a specific requirement for these roles? We have the proposal of the festival ready as well as the place of the festival.

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No they don’t need to be a member of a different DAO. Council members should vote on proposals in your DAO and make decisions, so best would be they know about Plantasia and your plans and are eager to learn about web3/the NEAR ecosystem etc.

Looking forward to that festival!

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