OWS Team: An Introduction

Hello NEARverse!

The Open Web Sandbox has been out there for a while so now the time has come to see who is moderating it behind the scenes.


NEAR Wallet: videvidts.near
Forum Username: @videvidts

OWS moderator, optimistic software engineer in the making. Passionate about books, stand-up comedy and making the world fairer through new, decentralized technologies.


NEAR Wallet: jacoponuti.near
Forum Username: @Jacopo

Assistant project manager at OWS. My background is in the philosophy of information, and what better place to be than at NEAR, an ecosystem that is creating new methods of information communication.

Sammy Flores (Aka Samtoshi_F_Baby)

NEAR Wallet : samtoshi_f_baby
Forum Username : @Samtoshi_F_Baby

I’m a independent comic book artist, NFT Creator, and Moderator for the Open Web Sandbox. I’m extremely fascinated with how smart contracts and NFTs will play a role in the future and look forward to seeing how I can contribute to helping the OWS and the NEAR ecosystem play a part in that future. My DMs are open and I’m always looking to collaborate.


NEAR Wallet: ananastya.near
Forum Username: @AnaNastya

Have a background in digital and e-commerce management. Here to unite Sandboxers from all over the world and increase the NEAR community.


NEAR Wallet: vrdoingthings.near
Forum Username: @vrdoingthings

OWS Marketing Mastermind boosting engagement via hosting informative AMAs and closely communicating with OWS contributors. Continuously brainstorming and effectively executing new ways to improve the onboarding experience while leveraging data.


NEAR Wallet: s4nts.near
Forum Username: @Sofia_Alum

Aspiring to bridge the gap between humans and technology. I believe that crypto does not have to be chaotic, blockchain is not only for developers, and onboarding to NEAR can be easy and fun. Drop me a message if you’d like to talk;)


NEAR Wallet: rebecca.near
Forum Username: @mecsbecs

Information-sharing and organization nut (a.k.a. Info Team Lead) @ NEAR. Coming from an arts/festival/event/business management web2 world to build web3 communities and sustainable business models.


Y’all are doing great jobs here


Great one guys, we are going places