OWS Mentorship programm: summary

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

In this post, I would like to share the Open Web Sandbox Mentorship program summary. During the three months, we collaborated with NEAR projects and learned how to contribute to the ecosystem best and most efficiently.

I want to say thank you to all people who participated in the program.

Please wait the update of the NEAR Payment document on 31th of May and apply through the DAO after with the updated Monthly rate of MAY to receive your payment.

Please find the details on every mentee below:

Nearmun project (Mentor @LuisAponte99):

Mentor’s reward is 220 USD for the brilliant finalising of the program

Both Mentees are able to run their own projects, but I guess Jonathan Franco will stand by their activities within the near ecosystem due to personal circumstances until July. Michael Crowley was amazing in their support of the presentation of the proposal to the International Organizations.

$250 - Nearmun - Jonathan Franco (translator) Profile - Jonathanfranco99 - NEAR Forum
$250 - Nearmun - Michael Crowley (content creator) Profile - MrCrowley - NEAR Forum
Total: 500
Both contributers promoted to Tier 2.

Near Spain (Mentor @LuisAponte99)

NEAR Spain is almost complete to be launched. However, the mentees are now running their own projects with their autonomy. and own knowledge. America and Ulises are running Cripteros.com and helping a lot with the projects inside Near Venezuela. Ulises is the Project Manager and America is helping me with the NEAR NEWSLETTER project. Secondly, Andres Milano is working in a project of meme creation with the Marketing DAO, Naveen CB and leading the NEAR PANAMA

$200 - Near Spain - America Castro (content creator) Profile - ame9986 - NEAR Forum
$200 - Near Spain - Andres Milano (translator) Profile - Andres - NEAR Forum
$200 - Near Spain - Ulises Ramgor (content creator) Profile - ramgor - NEAR Forum
Total: 600
$200 - Near Es Wiki - Juan Peña (content creator) Profile - jeph - NEAR Forum
$100 - Near Es Wiki - Samuel Navas (translator) Profile - user1 - NEAR Forum
$100 - Near Es Wiki - Alex Chateau (translator) Profile - Alecaseg - NEAR Forum
Total: 400

All mentees are promoted to Tier 2.

NEAR Wiki (Mentor @LuisAponte99)
Near ES Wiki changed a lot due to internal reasons. However, Aleida graduated as NCE and NCP and she did propose a project regarding education and academic e-learning. Samuel is now with the DIR and running a personal project of NFT with other members and Juan is leading the Global Near Education project on their own, in charge of all the general management and funding of it
$200 - Near Es Wiki - Juan Peña (content creator) Profile - jeph - NEAR Forum
$100 - Near Es Wiki - Samuel Navas (translator) Profile - user1 - NEAR Forum
$100 - Near Es Wiki - Alex Chateau (translator) Profile - Alecaseg - NEAR Forum

Mentees are promoted to Tier 2.

Please find the end of summary in comments


Tamago (Mentor @kc_sollano)

Mentor’s reward is 200 USD

Mentees promoted organic community growth, supported, and stimulate newcomers to the Tamago Telegram Official, and reached target social media engagement through the help of the ambassador program.

@ungest - 420 USD
@saii - 420 USD

Both mentees were promoted to Tier 2.


**Metanom **Mentor @IgbozeIsrael)

Mentees were supporting the gaming community and learned community building and Discord moderation.

@Jeromemrys - 225 USD
@Dahvie - 225 USD
@midoriya_crypto - 225 USD

Octopus Network Africa (Mentor @IgbozeIsrael)

Mentees were learning community management and helping with daily tasks in the community.

@kenjay60 - Promoted to Tier 2
@Clinton - Promoted to Tier 2
@Naomi - Promoted to Tier 2

Mentor’s reward is 220 USD for extra effort with volunteering guilds.

Datality (Mentor @valeriy.nemyrov)

Mentor’s reward is 200 USD.

The mentee was learning marketing and outreach and was hired by the project.
@Nicolai_Datality - 650 USD

Promoted to Tier 2 in OWS.

We will be glad to receive your feedback :rocket:

Thank you,
OWS Team


Thanks @AnaNastya for your hard work.

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Thanks ma’am
It’s been an honour being part of the OWS.

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It’s a pleasure to be in such a supportive community! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@AnaNastya thanks for your hard work and support
Honoured to be a mentee on OWS

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Thanks @AnaNastya it has been a pleasure learning and developing under OWS, thanks to @kc_sollano.

Thanks for the opportunity,it was indeed a beautiful experience.

Thank you for the opportunity! It is definitely a great experience to get to know the team and learn from this program!

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Thanks Team OWS for this great Platform.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Looking forward to contribute more to the NEAR ECO and ows.
I’ll also looking forward to growing my ranks in ows too

Thank you for the opportunity

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Thank you for the opportunity!
I look forward to Contributing to the Near ecosystem more and grow my ranks in ows too.

Thank you for this great opportunity to all the OWS team.