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[OVERVIEW] Artist Workshop

Mentors: Runes of Uttoria and Ritzzard

Session 5: Light and Shadow Values | July 3, 2022
After learning how to build and draw a human body in session 4, now they learned how to put light and shadows into our illustrations, how different types of light work and also how shadows and their values should be. They studied in black and white for this to easily understand it.

Session 6: Color and light | July 10, 2022

Having the knowledge of using light, and where to put our shadows and their values. This session talks about how to use colors and just like in session 5, how can they use their values based on what we have learned. They are also going to learn about basic color theory.

Session 7: Composition | July 17, 2022

In this final lesson,they learned how to compose our illustration on the canvas and learn about ratios and camera angles.

Session 8: Character design | July 24, 2022

This session is an activity based on the 7 sessions that the mentors have taught so far. The students are going to create a character and make use of everything that they’ve learned from the workshop.

Budget Allocated: $370

Budget Spent: $0 (still currently deciding what reward should the students receive)

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