[Open Call] Marketing DAO Advisors

We are on a mission to transform the way communities and organizations interact and collaborate on the NEAR ecosystem.


As the Marketing DAO, we are a community-driven, decentralized initiative dedicated to funding and leading grassroots growth initiatives on NEAR. We have been evolving and continue to grow and we need your expertise to help us achieve our goals.

We are looking for up to three Advisors who are passionate about innovation, growth, and community building.

Are you a good fit?

You are a self-starter who can work independently while also collaborating with others to create impactful initiatives that will drive adoption and engagement on the NEAR ecosystem. There are no bosses and no babysitters. Only room for people who can get shit done.

As an Advisor to the Marketing DAO, you will play a key role in the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • assessing incoming proposals;
  • developing bounties end-to-end;
  • and liaising with the NEAR Development Community (NDC).

You will be proactive about sparking growth areas on NEAR, identifying trends and emerging opportunities, and leading projects that will amplify the visibility and reach of our ecosystem.

You are an excellent communicator with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. You are comfortable working with a variety of stakeholders, including developers, community leaders, and business partners. You are adaptable, able to navigate ambiguity, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

At the Marketing DAO, we believe in fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity. We are a community of innovators, thinkers, and doers who are committed to creating positive change in the world. If you share our vision and want to be a part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community, we encourage you to apply.

Time Commitment

We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the expectations for this role. The expected workload ranges from 10 up to 20 hours per week. There is a lot of flexibility but we are looking for someone who can commit to this level of engagement. We recognize that this is a part-time position, but we expect you to bring your full passion, dedication, and creativity to the Marketing DAO.

Role Progression

We also want to let you know that this position has the potential to evolve into a Council position.

This means that you will have the opportunity to be part of a decision-making body that plays a critical role in shaping the direction and priorities of the Marketing DAO. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is looking to grow their leadership skills and make a significant impact on the NEAR ecosystem.

If you are ready to take on this challenge, we encourage you to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply:

  • Post on the forum describing your marketing experience and area(s) of expertise, knowledge of the NEAR ecosystem and reason for wanting to join the MarketingDAO as an advisor.
  • Please also email marketingdao@proton.me with:
    • The same information you post on the forum
    • One idea you have for helping NEAR reach 1 billion users that could be implemented by the MarketingDAO
    • Any supporting documents that you feel will help us as we review your application. For example:
      • Links to work samples, web site, social media, etc.
      • Resume/CV

Reach out to us if you have any questions!


Howdy everybody, Shot here with Minority Programmers, some call me the Pres, those are allegations nothin to see here just an intern. Want to be get involved with Marketing DAO as an unpaid role…looking to one day get an unpaid internship at NF.

My motivations

  • get developer centric content streamlined
  • more communication across DAO verticals
  • bring developer community across the world
  • make sure more voices are heard across the ecosystem
  • streamline dev builds for Marketing DAO and digital footprint; Ex; nearmarketing.org
  • pipeline (aurora, octopus and other infrastructure partners, NF, and pagoda ) with existing content communities

Past experiences
— Lol cant dox too hard i scheme dao

  • Banyan standing up near builder verticals
  • NEAR HACKS, founded this back in the day to bring Hacker House culture to NEAR
  • NEAR Workshops
  • lol i contribute to NEARWeek does this count
  • GenaDrop, NEAR + Aurora marketplace, gateway in progress
  • Help standup Content Creators WG under marketing DAO
  • may or may not have smoked a Blunt with blunt dao
  • may or may not be inventing proof of grift
  • may or may not be the plug
  • noKYCDAO.com
  • putting the Web3 streetz on my back yo, DAO betta recognize
  • creatives dao friendly, marketing dao friendly. developer dao friendly (the near one and the og one), ndc friendly, regional hub friendly, trust me.

Resume and cover letter https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wcj_OyzQ6OwJ9cwX6j7y9HUL5VElnrcYFyN6PNKnYvM/


Thanks for providing this opportunity

Here is my post [Application] My Interest in the MarketingDAO Advisor Role and email sent too.



Thanks for posting the opening of MDAO Advisor positions. I have submitted my proposal of interest.


I am attaching my proposal to express my keen interest in the MarketingDAO Advisor position.



What will the monthly remuneration be provided to the advisors?

To confirm is the MDAO looking at 5 councils and 3 advisors?

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Hi! I have posted to the Forum about the Marketing DAO Advisor role.

Now putting together the email. Thanks for your consideration!


You have my respect.

I’m Elvis Dornu, a University of Port Harcourt marketing graduate.

I’ve spent more than 7 years in the marketing industry working primarily in promotion and human resource management roles. Most recently, I was a senior content creator, senior moderator, managing other moderators, and offering tried-and-true methods for community retention rate (evidence of effort in the letter received) for a huge promotion agency. I also managed significant marketing campaigns for them. Right now, I’d like to work for a company like yours.

In actuality, our beloved Near Blockchain is among the best, offering the top features that rivals are vying for. Nearly everything is there, but there is still something missing, bringing us to the body of this article, which I have sent to your mail address. I’ve been seriously interacting with near projects for the past three years, going to AMAs hosted by, among others, NEAR@NIGHT | Billy Bones, NEAR MONZA, Boneyard Gaming, and Nepbot | NEAR Discord Bot. My interest was piqued by the fact that I am well-versed in the NEAR Blockchain.

My motivation for joining MarketingDAO as an adviser is to solve this persistent issue that is dying out in the NEAR environment (which I addressed in the email I wrote along with a remedy).


Remuneration will be discussed with Advisors directly as the time commitment may vary slightly for each. We are flexible to allow best talent to contribute on their terms.

We are looking for 2, up to 3 advisors.

The pathway to Council is to be onboarded as an advisors first. Although not all Advisors will become Council members.


Speaking of internships; Near Foundation is currently looking for interns across various departments. All of our roles (including internships) are remunerated :slightly_smiling_face:

Do apply if you feel you’d make a good fit.


Howdy howdy!

This is Fauve, or ctrlaltf as most know me under in crypto. I’ve been doing product - go to market strategies for crypto for 7+ years now with a strong focus on growth, marketing, partnerships management with a user/product mindset at all times.

I’ve worked with the first dapp registry and interacted in 2017 with 3000+ DApps over ethereum, and other chains. Interacted and work collaboratively with many chains (ethereum, eos, neo, cosmos, polkadot, tron, xDAI, Arbitrum, optimum, algorand, Cardano and NEAR obviously ;)).

I’ve seen L1s and L2s make it or break it.

Part of my experience at NEAR started in 2021 for supporting NEAR protocol after mainnet and it’s flagship conference: NEARCON and haven’t left the side of NEAR Protocol, Near Foundation, Proximity and Ref Finance as marketing lead and ecosystem contributor.

I support Aave as well, one of the leading defi protocol in the space.

I’d love to contribute as a Marketing DAO Advisor. There’s great personal satisfaction to support in an advisory role as it permits one to connect with the team, contribute with your acquired knowledge and grow as well.

Advisory roles often lead to more down the line, it permits for an organic growth, the same as a successful market growth of a product.

Cheers frens!


im good on NF internships thank you


Hey everyone,

Apologies for the slightly late application - it’s been a hectic week with everything at Consensus. Hero here, I’m currently working at a small tech start-up named NEARWEEK - maybe someone has heard the name fly by in passing.

I would be interested to join the advisory board. However, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go completely pro-bono like Pres Shot here. Maybe one day - that’s the dream.

Background: editor-in-chief, NEARWEEK

  • Spearhead NEAR editorial content bounty DAO (end-to-end)
  • Manage Official NEAR ecosystem newsletter
  • Be a voice for the smallest start-ups and major players in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Cover all ecosystem projects / founders / builders in a fair and unbiased way
  • Helm the development of public goods in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Familiarise myself with the needs and desires of the NEAR Community
  • Product development at heroes.build
  • Cement NEAR bOS as a full stack Open Web solution, drawing liquidity and builders from external Web3 communities into the NEAR ecosystem

My motivations

  • Created an account today just to apply - I think most of the NEAR community tries to stay clear from the toxicity that goes on in these forums. That said, I feel this open call offers a solid opportunity for a fresh start when it comes to funding marketing initiatives
  • I’ve witnessed sheer incompetence by the grassroots DAOs when assessing proposals. I would love to bring some credibility back to the core NEAR funding bodies.

Take care everyone! Have a lovely weekend,



It goes without saying, a rep from Nearweek is paramount to this DAO. One of the most consistent and productive entities within near


Fully support for you.

With all the work and contribution from you to NEAR, I am confident to support you for this Role.

Best of luck @achildhoodhero


Having known Hero for a while now, I can fully vouch for his character. He has consistently displayed an unwavering love and determination for the Near eco as a whole and is an exceedingly intelligent and resolute individual. I back him fully.


Way to go @achildhoodhero I think your work ethic, knowledge, and ability to apply that knowledge into tangible results is reflected in the growth of NEARWEEK and how it keeps branching out. You got this!


Hey folks!

Just read Hero’s post about joining the advisory board and I’ve always been impressed by his dedication at NEARWEEK and his desire to make a difference.

With his leadership skills, commitment to fairness, and willingness to tackle toxicity and incompetence, I believe Hero can bring credibility back to the core NEAR funding bodies. Let’s show our support as he steps up for a brighter future! :raised_hands:



Can you tell us and your friends about a 1 million dollar grant for NearWeek from Near Foundation?

Maybe your friends struggling with grants will see it from a different angle. Perhaps it’s a reason why the Near NFT market is dead because the NearWeek team is wasting our money.