[Application] My Interest in the MarketingDAO Advisor Role

Hello NEAR Community and the MarketingDAO

Sequel to this announcement advertising for qualified community members to apply for the position of MarketingDAO Council of adviser, I write to notify my interest in this position.

My name is Igboze Israel, I have been in the blockchain space for three years now with experience having worked as a project ambassador with Fusotao Protocol, community moderator with Flux Protocol, and Community Manager Mentor with the former OWS. As a community builder, I have led the TNEsociety that was a beneficiary of the MarketingDAO for a long time, Africa Aurora.

Also, my involvement with the GWG from Co-Lead of the Community Engagement Working Group, Champion for the Regional Communities Working Group.

Before my web three journeys, I worked as Marketing/Sales Manager for Gande Soap Company Ltd, Supervisor at a three-star hotel; Great Palace Hotel Kano, Nigeria.

With my experience in product marketing, and Community Building, I am sure to be a good candidate for this position. Also, given my experience within the NEAR and Aurora ecosystem which has yielded positive growth and harmony.

If selected as an advisor to the MarketingDAO council, I am sure to bring positive ideas that if implemented will help the DAO return good to the ecosystem.

I hope my Application is given a favorable consideration.

Thanks, thanks.

Igboze Israel.

I have sent my email as requested too.

Tagging @marketingdao-council for check.
@Dacha @satojandro @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit


Awesome Application with great experience :+1:. Nice team spirit! I believe you will meet up to expectations.

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You have all to have this running man, you have my support on this…

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I’ve worked with him for over a year now and Honestly, he’s one of the most qualified persons you’d ever come across for this position. You’d definitely not regret having him.

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Incredible as always!! Well done sir

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This suits you! I know you have contributed tremendously to the growth of this ecosystem. Goodluck mate

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I won’t lie have work with him. He his the man for the job.

What I think he can offer

  1. He has a solid knowledge in the aspect of web3 space . Which is one of the quality needed for adviser

  2. He his a leader with empathy and team spirit

  3. To cap it all he is very hard working

With someone like this bringing all this quality to the table. I highly recommend that he should be considered for these job cause he has what it takes and has track record to prove it

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You have all my support sir

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Thank you for application! I believe your experience and expertise will be super helpful for M(RG) DAO.


Your have performed greatly and to many’s expectations. You richly advised us while with the NPK Guild and I know you’re such a distinguished suit for this role in question!


With your resilience support and input towards Near Ecosystem. You surely serve diligently and deserve this too. With this capability, you are Delegate fit with my vote

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