[Application] MarketingDAO Advisor Role

Dear NEAR Protocol Community and MarketingDAO.

I hope you guys are doing well; according to the open call position of Marketing DAO Advisors, I’m writing to express my interest in the position.

My name is Radityo Bagus; I’m an experienced Public Relations and business development for over 4 years in the web3 ecosystem.

I started my journey as a CFO of sekud beat. providing dozens of BGM to GameFi and NFT Project. I also experienced working as a Community Manager at Nestercity and am honored to be part of the Metaverse Game Studio as a blockchain business development to assess incoming partnership proposals and expanding business opportunities. In addition, I’ve also had the opportunity to work as Community Manager at Carbon Nation and Community Coordinator at IDNFT. Presently, I’m in charge as a mod of Aurora Indonesia.

In my web2 experience, I worked as a General Coordinator under the Ministry of Health of Indonesia and was in charge of facility monitoring and annual budget planning.

I’ve carefully read and acknowledged the role commitment and progression required for the position. I have been learning and following NEAR Protocol for 2 years (until today); I am not an expert yet, but I am willing to learn from all of you. I’m excited to join the MarketingDAO advisor as I believe every step matter for the growth of NEAR, and knowing that I can directly contribute to the development by connecting various community and stakeholders to ease the NEAR mass adoption and facilitate them is the main reason why I’m interested.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I could contribute to the NEAR development and share the same vision and mission with the world.

Nb: email sent

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Public Relations and Business Specialist | Web3
LinkedIn: Radityo Bagus Raharianto | LinkedIn
Twitter: Web3 Magician (@not_pa2) / Twitter
Telegram: @radityobr | Telegram
Near: notpa2.near

Permission to tag:
@marketingdao-council | @Dacha | @satojandro | @so608 | @Klint | @cryptocredit


Best of luck our guy! :slight_smile: thanks for your contribution to our project.

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Thanks for the support, guys! :slight_smile: glad to have an opportunity with you all!

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Wow, never thought you were brave enough to sign up!

As far as I know a Radit, he is a 100% all out person who is dedicated and provides benefits to the community.

His highly experienced background in marketing, community, NFT and the NEAR & Aurora ecosystem is very useful to provide new colors and perspectives as a new MDAO member

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Thank you ser :pray:t2: i learn a lot from you