Open Call for digital fashion artists and investors on NEAR


We are looking for diverse projects and creators for participation in a 2-day event fully dedicated to independent fashion - FLIP SIDE.

Digital fashion is changing how we think about clothes and accessories, making it possible to have unique and creative designs exclusively online. And when we mix this with blockchain technology, emerging artists get a chance to create and sell their designs in new ways that are safe, secure, and super innovative.

Imagine fashion where we don’t have to produce physical items all the time, reducing waste and saving resources. That’s where digital fashion offers endless creativity without the environmental cost. It continues and upgrades slow fashion discourse, showing us a future where fashion is community-oriented.

At FLIP SIDE, we’re excited to explore how digital and blockchain can help artists create amazing things in a way that’s secure and unique but also eco-friendly. It’s a chance to showcase your project, connect with other innovators and fashion pioneers, and make the first step into a new era of sustainable fashion. We invite you to discover how fashion and technology are coming together to create something totally new.

The event will take place on 20-21st April 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal in community-oriented creative hub - Studio8 ( and also online. We have mapped different ways on how we can collaborate starting from the visibility of your brand on our event to workshop and discussion panels.

You can find more details about the event on our Instagram

Let’s discuss the ways how we can build a future of sustainable fashion together!

Calendly - FlipSide or DM me :rocket:

Have a great day,