[PROPOSAL] - Workshop on Digital Fashion in Lisbon, Portugal during FLIP SIDE event



  • DAO introduction

Hi Everyone,

We are a Lisbon-based community that promotes the environmentally-minded work of emerging and established brands, fashion designers & artists.

We stand for the inclusion of artists from diverse backgrounds and collaboration instead of competition.

We organise monthly events in the most vibrant areas of Lisbon aiming to create a playground for all kinds of artists who work with sustainable fashion.


  • Why team is best for the funds

For the new April edition, we want to include artists who work with digital fashion and also promote ways how artists can digitalise their art. We believe that collaboration with dynamic and fast-growing NEAR is a win-win for us! :woman_astronaut:

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Culture
  • Impact

We’re talking about a festival that’s all about slow fashion, empowerment, and giving a platform to voices that gotta be heard louder. Now, imagine bringing NEAR Blockchain into this mix – it’s like hitting the refresh button on digital fashion, making it cooler and more accessible for creators and artists who are all about exploring new frontiers.

NEAR jumping on board with FLIP SIDE isn’t just about getting noticed by a bunch of creative minds; it’s about being the first blockchain fam to step into the digital fashion scene in a big way. This collab is gonna put NEAR on the map, right in the middle of where the magic happens, with shoutouts in all the cool mags and event pages around Lisbon. Plus, every piece of FLIP SIDE swag will rock a NEAR banner, making it clear who’s bringing the innovation.

But wait, there’s more – we’re not just about showing off; we’re here to share the knowledge too. We’re planning workshops that’ll break down how designers and artists can use NFTs to take their game to the next level. This is real talk about unlocking new ways to hustle and showing the fashion world how decentralization can shake things up for the better.

Teaming up with NEAR is a game-changer for FLIP SIDE. It’s about pushing boundaries, breaking new ground, and creating a space where young creators can thrive. This partnership is more than just tech meets textiles; it’s about inspiring a movement, where innovation meets street smarts in the coolest way possible. Let’s make history and show everyone how fashion and blockchain can vibe together, building a future where everyone’s invited to the party.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal
  • Participation of 100 people in the workshop
  • NEAR visibility for more than 500 people


Project 1 FLIP SIDE EVENT 20-21st APRIL

Description: please find the deck by the link Deck FLIP SIDE (1).pdf - Google Drive
Expected outcome: 100 participants in the workshop, at least 10 creative NFTs minted
Activities & timelines:-
Open call on NEAR forum for digital fashion creators who would like to share their experience and works
Depending on the outcomes of the open call:
Showcase or artists/live talk 30 minutes - 20th - 21st April
Workshop on NFT - 30 minutes + Q&A session about NEAR and the role of blockchain in fashion - 21st April
Promotion - creation of posters, placement in event groups information about the event - 200 EUR
Preparation and facilitation of workshop, managing of the open call - 150 EUR
Budget for NFT minting and DAO creation - 50 EUR

Total request number: 400 EUR

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): ananastya.near