[November 2021] The Design Guild project opportunity: help us with project management: the candidate is found

Hey hey,

Hope that you have an amazing November! We have the new opportunity for you to make it even better :slight_smile:

We are glad to announce the collaboration with the Design Guild. The Design guild provides the space for design-related initiatives for NEAR–including brand visuals, product interfaces, and overall design process.

We are looking for a manager who will be in charge of the Designer’s channel.


  • Putting a request for designs
  • Welcoming people, guiding them through the submission forms
  • Explaining prices and methodology


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience creating and configuring multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)
  • Monitoring and delegating roles and permissions
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)
  • Background in the NEAR ecosystem will be highly appreciated

By now, the tasks will require 2 hours/week approximately

Reward: 100 USD

Contact me if you want to start a collaboration or have any questions :v:


You can count on me with everything, the scoop, my English is not that good at the moment.

The space in Spanish i am excellent.

However i meet all the requirements. :slight_smile:

Hello, I make myself available.
My English is not very good, but I can communicate well in writing.


Hey Ana, Gerard reporting for duty…let me know!

Hi! I am very interested in this opportunity.

I have experience in digital marketing, design and I would like to help all the community and improve the communication between all of us.

I have good listening and communication skills gained through exhibitions, presentations and speeches given along the academic courses and jobs. Excellent interpersonal and time management skills, social perceptiveness and strong work ethic.

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Thank you for your reply!
we would like to find an English-speaking person as the tasks will require activity in communication.
We will keep you updated with the new opportunities :slight_smile:

Hello @AnaNastya

I like to Apply For Discord moderator,
2 years of experience of handling Crypto Project , also I am graphics designer and video Editor

Work - COINSBIT, Plant to Earn, and Brokoli Network An Discord Moderator and Admin in telegram Community .
As A Volunteer Work with Phuture Ecosystem.

Here’s My portfolio

Let me @AnaNastya When Can We Connect :ok_hand:

I thought the reward was gona be 200usd
? This is gon be tough to do for a hundred usd
What do you think ?

Hi, we estimated that 100 USD is an average reward for 15 min per day
The increasing of work hours and reward will depend on the workload

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Very well
I understand

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