Self Nomination : NFT Revival DAO (Krik)

Hello everyone!

I’m an NFT enthusiast who has been working in this space for around 18 months which feels like a decade. I have a deep understanding of the ecosystem and what builders and enthusiasts want, committed to working hard and fighting for the greater good. I’m excited to step up and become a Core Contributor because I believe I have what it takes. My core values are inclusion, fairness, and honesty. I can’t make miracles but I can work like a beast. LFG!

Here are some of my achievements and contributions so far:

  • Started my Near Journey as full time viber in Mr.Brown Community where Lomakin had to offer me Mod role. Shortly after, I was empowered to Community Manager Role which helped me leverage Mr.Brown project, community, and NFTs.
  • Preparing content and inviting guests for Near at Night Spaces, where we introduce and leverage Near native projects and give updates from the ecosystem.
  • Initiated and implemented #NearTurkeyResponse Campaign with ASAC Team, ABC DAO, Tradeport , Near Foundation and some individual contributors.Raised 1321N for the victims of devastating eartquake.
  • One of the first members of NearisNow group and put efforts to leverage Near ecosystem.

I have also been actively advocating for Near NFTs during hard times and fighting for their recognition and support from the Foundation and the wider community. Some examples are:

  • Sent out this tweet to express my frustration and call for action:
  • Attended countless spaces to discuss NFTs and share my insights and suggestions.
  • Pushed for the creation of Near NFTs Union to leverage the ecosystem, support each other and negotiate with the foundation for the good of Near NFTs. Unfortunately, my efforts failed due to market conditions, lack of support from the foundation and lack of faith from the surviving actors.
  • Commented on NFT related forums, had debates with OGs and even sent replies to Illia on that topic. For example:
  • Put lots of effort and time to support the preparation of an inclusive, decent and meaningful Near NFT WG Charter and championing The Collective project.

What does the NEAR NFT ecosystem mean to you?

I believe my contributions and dedication speaks on my behalf. The Near NFT ecosystem represents a steady & collaborative community and driving forward for the good. I’m motivated to make Near NFT scheme desirable and bring back the excitement and faith around Near NFT ecosystem. I believe as we have a chance to get resources we can make Near NFTs a success story. We owe this to all great people who have put lots of efforts into building!

b. What will you do to revitalize the NEAR NFT scene in the short term and long term?

We have a high-tech platform that makes Near easy and cheap to use. However, we need to rebuild confidence in stakeholders and attract attention from other chains as a priority. To achieve that, here are my main goals:

Short Term

  • We need a safe and secure and steady NFT environment: I will support Council on reputation ranking based funding mechanism
  • Continue working for the success of “The Collective,” the official NDC collection that we’ve been working on. I have the confidence that this project will revive excitement and build trust around Near NFTs

Long Term

Boost the ecosystem through common efforts and collaborations. I will try my best to:

  • Work closely with Near BD Team to support new onboarded projects, make collaborations with all actors
  • Be a representative of NFT ecosystem in accelerator programs, bring opportunities and support projects on application processes
  • Prepare a social platform for NFT projects to meet, collab and vibe

Marketing and PR NFT ecosystem.:

  • Programmes to represent Near NFTs in big crypto events
  • Help & support to implement PR activities stated in charter through DAO collaborations
  • Look for ways to incentivize Near NFT holders. We need to thank & appreciate people who have supported and continue to support us.

Integration to BOS:

  • Building and carrying NFT Revival DAO systems to BOS Technology
  • Look ways to support integration and development of NFT tools

c. How much time commitm e ent can you do for the NFT WG

I’m happy to commit 75% of my time to the NFT Revival DAO as it deserves. I’ll commit the remaining 25% of my time to vibing, learning and making connections in Web3. I believe that this will also help the group and ecosystem.

d. What is some conflict of interest if you get the role ?

I’m currently working as a Community Manager of Mr.Brown. I prepare content and invite guests for Near at Night spaces where we introduce and leverage Near native projects and give updates from the ecosystem. I’m also building a chain agnostic NFT Community. I don’t think that any of these roles conflict with the Core Contributor role. However, if there are any concerns about my commitments or if potential conflicts arise in the future, I’ll let everyone know right away and work to resolve them in a way that best serves the interests of the community…

Thanks for your time if you have read till here. Would very much appreciate any support, comments, questions to make Near NFTs great again.