(REPORT) TNE-society for August

Hello, NEAR community!

I’m glad to share with the ecosystem our report for being part of the Marketing DAO constellation, Near and Aurora communities to amplify the NDC election in August - September for four weeks.

Community Name: TNE Society

Links to social media handles

website Twitter| Telegram

Instagram Medium

Nearsocial AstroDao



team lead myself

@alphaflex near.social


  1. Educational AMA About the election in general, weekly.

  2. AMA/Wokshop becoming an OG

  3. AMA with 3 nominees. twitter space - recordings and telegram text AMA

  4. A practical workshop on how to vote

  5. Article on becoming a qualified voter.

  6. Article on self-nomination and requirements

  7. Weekly Infographics on election updates and an infographic on how to verify IAH, nominate, apply for OG, AND VOTE.

  8. two videos on how to self nominate and how to vote,

  9. Election candidate spotlight

  10. Tamago Music Contest Title: NDC Election—5 songs were registered on Tamago, and we used easy-pool for voting the best.


1- MILEZ @Milez_dah_god

2- KENNETH JAY @kenjay60

3- ESTHER @progress

4- CHELSEY CRYPTO @Stelcy_Chelsey

5- CARTER Jr @LilCarterjr

  1. music lyrics contest

  2. twitter / near-social Meme contest about NDC election

  3. Near-social weekly quizzes and weekend fun series about the election.

achieved KPI

  1. Number of Humans (Voters): (20 verified )
  2. Number of OGs: 5
  3. Number of Nominations: 3
  4. Number of Upvotes: 20
  5. Number of Comments: 6
  6. Number of Voter Turnout = 20
  7. Number of Media Content created: 27

Team members, @Mimi2 (content), @bonaven (cm) @sek (content) @kellylove (content), @yomabasi(content), @Liaustin (developer).

thanks for all the support do far @marketingdao-council