Self Nomination NFT WG - Tolmindev

Hello, my name is Ihor. I am an illustrator and designer with extensive experience and a broad understanding of the blockchain world and beyond.

  1. The NEAR NFT ecosystem means the following to me:
  • A diverse range of NFT projects and their communities.
  • Providing favorable conditions for artists and content creators.
  • Encouraging collaborations between projects and sustaining interest in both the technology and the NEAR ecosystem itself.
  1. My skills and capabilities include:
  • Curating young projects and offering guidance to newcomers.
  • Proficiency in creating engaging activities and utilizing tools to attract users specifically to our blockchain and NFTs.
  • Additionally, I have plans to release a new, partially completed, large-scale collection that awaits its time.
  1. I can dedicate 10 hours of concentrated time per week, as well as several hours of free time.

  2. Obtaining the role is not an end goal for me; I contribute to the NEAR ecosystem every day, regardless of my position.

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Great Great!

We’ve already seen your great work done for the NEAR & Aurora in the last few years! :heart_hands:




the best candidate :white_heart:


I just wanted to give a huge shoutout and support to Ihor’s candidacy for contributing to the NEAR NFT ecosystem. You won’t believe the talent this guy has as an illustrator and designer with a ton of experience in the blockchain world and beyond!

Ihor’s vision for the NEAR NFT ecosystem is so inspiring. He’s all about creating a space where NFT projects and communities can flourish, and artists and creators get the love they deserve. His plans for releasing a new, dope NFT collection have got me super hyped!

Not to mention, Ihor is a total rockstar when it comes to supporting young projects and guiding newcomers. He knows how to create engaging activities and bring users to NEAR’s Protocol and NFTs like a pro!

But you know what’s even cooler? Ihor is always contributing to the NEAR ecosystem, whether he gets this position or not. He’s passionate, hardworking, and a true asset to the community.

Let’s show some love and support for Ihor’s candidacy! He’s the kind of person who can take the NEAR NFT ecosystem to the next level and make it even more awesome for all of us. Go Ihor!