NFT chat buddy

If you know/remember Cleverbot, that’s what I wanna see as an NFT. The tech has improved significantly since Cleverbot’s inception & it’d be awesome to integrate GPT3 into it as well. I’ve put this under generative because the chat responsesa are/would be more or less generative (or could be made to be?) based on what you say. No saved database for the chat, just current session based. Every session would be brand new.
OR, it coulds have a saved database of the chats that would be passed down between the NFT owners.

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Hi @DragoNate,

looks like a great idea, for example, if a user finds a conversation with the model of some sort of interest they can mint it, and others can contribute, see it, and curate.

Looking forward to some organized content in slides format.

Also, if you could resend the proposal to the DAO cause it expired, thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll make a few slides to put here showing a bit more info & resubmit this as ideation in the meantime.

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Slides for more info:

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Thanks, @DragoNate, for the slides and sorry for this delay.

Your proposal has been moved to curaDAO:

Also, feel free to participate in the new MetaBUIDL hackatons.

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Thank you Yassine! I’ll check out the MetaBUIDL :slight_smile: