Next Up: News in the NEARverse - 01/10/21

Next Up: News in the NEARverse

Howdy everyone!

It’s that time of the week again :tada:

The past week or so has, in typical NEAR fashion, been full of awesome news and great developments. We’re going to take a quick look back at what happened, and then a look forward at what’s to come!

Did we forget something? Let us know! Hit reply to the thread and we’ll make sure it gets included in the next update!

ICYMI - In case you missed it

Opera to Add NEAR to its Built-In Browser Crypto Wallet

You probably didn’t miss this one if you’ve been keeping up with the NEARverse, but in case you did then you can check out the full press release from Opera here.

This integration will compound the accessibility of the NEAR Protocol and show its potential to millions of new users around the world!

NEAR Launches Private Shards For Enterprise

Ahead of the rollout of Simple Nightshade, the first step on the journey to complete sharding support in the NEAR Protocol, NEAR has announced the rollout of private shards for enterprise clients. Read more here.

Crust Protocol and NEAR Partner to Introduce Decentralized Storage Solutions

In order to deliver a solution to decentralized file storage, NEAR and Crust Network have partnered. Crust is focused on delivering a Web3 solution to decentralized storage. Check out the full blog here.

PixelPets Beta Goes Live on Main Net!

PixelPets, an NFT game for trading and battling digital pets, built on NEAR, has gone live on main net!

If you haven’t started training your Pixel Pet yet, then there’s no better time that now. Check it out here.

Next at NEAR

Check out some of the upcoming events, launches, and news in the NEAR Ecosystem.

TriSolaris to Launch A DEX on NEAR

TriSolaris will mark a milestone in the NEAR ecosystem as it positions itself as the first DEX on Aurora, an EVM built on NEAR Protocol.

With a laser focus on DeFi, the TriSolaris team are on a self confessed mission to ‘solve problems in this space’.

Boca Chica Announces Expansion to NEAR

Boca Chica, an IDO platform on Solana, has announced their plans to expand to NEAR Protocol in a tweet.

Aurora Partners With On-Chain Cybersecurity Protocol HAPI

HAPI has partnered with Aurora to become the go-to cybersecurity layer for all projects migrated from Ethereum over to Aurora. On top of this, HAPI will be integrated directly into the Rainbow Bridge.

In the words of the HAPI team:

“Simply put, NEAR offers a far more convenient environment for developers to creatively utilize their vision”

We’re looking forward to seeing where this partnership leads!

Panther Protocol To Explore Privacy Infrastructure On NEAR

The NEAR Foundation has awarded Panther Protocol with a grant in order to explore the development of open-source privacy infrastructure for both NEAR Protocol and Aurora.

Panther is dedicated to expanding the privacy infrastructure for DeFi and the wider blockchain ecosystem.

Octopus Network Mainnet Launch

Octopus Network, a cryptonetwork for launching and running Web3.0 application specific blockchains, aka “appchains”, is set to go live this month after a successful IDO in September!

Keep up to date with all things Octopus Network over on their website.

AbleSwap and ABLE Staking go live on NEAR

ABLE Finance are set to launch their multi-chain eco-friendly DEX and staking functionality on NEAR Protocol this month. Originally penned for late September, the team have pushed this back to ensure a smooth launch.

Have We Missed Something?

There’s no doubt that our sizable news net hasn’t snagged all of the highlights which are set to roll out of the NEAR Ecosystem over the coming weeks. If there’s something you think we’re missing, or that we should be sure to include in the next update, then reply to the thread and let us know!

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