Next Up: News in the NEARverse - 24/09/21

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Back again with another roundup of what’s to come next in the NEARverse.

Huge thanks to @jcatnear for filling in with an awesome update last week.

With the imminent rollout of Sharding, major projects launching their IDOs, and the upcoming event of the year, NEAR Con, there’s plenty to highlight this week!

Did we forget something? Let us know! Hit reply to the thread and we’ll make sure it gets included in the next update!

ICYMI - In case you missed it

Track NEAR DeFi on DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama is a leading DeFi metrics tracker which monitors and displays essential metrics including; total value locked in DeFi, DEXs, insurance protocols, and more.

It’s awesome to see NEAR join the herd over on DeFi Llama! Users can now access DeFi insights into protocols built on NEAR here.

EmiSwap Receives NEAR Foundation Grant, Set To Disrupt DeFi

EmiSwap is a multi-chain AMM which will bring CEX-like functionality to decentralised exchanges on NEAR Protocol. With EmiSwap, users will be able to submit limit orders and stops in a decentralized manner.

To deliver on their vision, EmiSwap has been issued a grant by the NEAR Foundation. You can read more about EmiSwap here.

OIN Finance Opens Up stNEAR Collateral

If you weren’t in the know yet, Meta Pool enables liquid staking on NEAR Protocol. When you stake your NEAR with Meta Pool you receive stNEAR in return.

Now, stNEAR holders can utilise their stNEAR within OIN Finance. Users will be able to leverage their stNEAR as collateral, further unlocking the world of DeFi.

The CheddarFi Yield Farm Goes Live

Grab your newest tractor because a brand new yield farm has gone live with CheddarFi, built on NEAR Protocol.

CheddarFi is a loyalty token and Yield Farm for the NEAR ecosystem of dApps.

You can access the dApp here. Happy farming!

NEAR Gets a Brand New Look!

The eagle-eyed of your might have noticed the brand new look which accompanies the NEAR website.

Alongside a digital facelift in the presentation department, NEAR has a renewed vision and purpose. NEAR’s mission is to be the onramp for millions of people to join the Web3 revolution by providing incredible easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and consumer-friendly tech.

MetaBUIDL Hackathon Award Ceremony

Our most recent Town Hall, which included the Award Ceremony of the MetaBUIDL Hackathon, wrapped up only a few hours ago.

Viewers were introduced to the winners of the recent Hackathon, alongside the news of the NEAR rebrand. Missed the live stream? You can catch up on demand over on the NEAR YouTube channel.

Next at NEAR

Check out some of the upcoming events, launches, and news in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Open Web Sandbox Party - DeFi Debunked

As is always the case when it comes to the end of the month, the Open Web Sandbox is wrapping things up with another awesome digital party with some excellent speakers.

This month, they’re discussing all things DeFi and are on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the labyrinth that is DeFi. Interested? You can register for the event here.

Simple Nightshade - Bringing Sharding to NEAR Protocol

Phase 0 of Simple Nightshade, which is set to introduce sharding in to NEAR Protocol, is pinned for November 2021.

The implementation of sharding will create a super-fast (even faster!), incredibly secure blockchain which is able to support the vision of NEAR through the onboarding of millionso of users into the world of Web3.

Illia Polosukhin Discusses DAOs at Wyoming Blockchain Stampede

NEAR’s very own @illia will be speaking in the Wyoming Blockchain Stampede today. Speaking alongside the likes of Charles Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin, Illia will be discussing ‘How to Grow a DAO’ and will be reflecting on the first 7 years of DAOs in the Crypto ecosystem.

The session will be live-streamed here at 15:40 MT. Don’t miss it!

1MillionNFTs Launches on Aurora

1MillionNFTs, a creative experiment focused on non-fungible tokens, is leveraging the technical innovation of Aurora to launch on NEAR Protocol.

The team are aiming to launch their project on NEAR Protocol as early as September 30th. Read more about NEAR and 1MillionNFTs here.

NEAR | CON - Reuniting In-Person This October

The number one NEAR-focused conference is fast approaching with only a month to go before we gather in Lisbon to celebrate and discuss all things NEAR.

Tickets are now on sale alongside speaker applications. Check out the website for more information.

Have We Missed Something?

There’s no doubt that our sizable news net hasn’t snagged all of the highlights which are set to roll out of the NEAR Ecosystem over the coming weeks. If there’s something you think we’re missing, or that we should be sure to include in the next update, then reply to the thread and let us know!

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