Next Up: News in the NEARverse

We know it can be difficult to keep up with all the news, developments, and updates within the NEARverse.

The NEAR Ecosystem is expanding at a rapid rate with a flurry of launches, events, and hackathons happening every week! So to help keep us all up to date, we’ll be creating a weekly digest of all the amazing things happening in and around NEAR so you’ll never miss a beat.

Did we forget something? Let us know! Hit reply to the thread and we’ll make sure it gets included in the next update!

Next at NEAR

Here’s a snapshot of what’s recently launched and what’s to come next in the NEARverse.

NEAR University Launches a NEAR Educational Hub

Near University has just launched a new service to help MetaBUIDL hackers discover and use our live and pre-recorded materials.

With a variety of workshops, both live and self-paced, users can learn how to mint NFTs, deploy contracts on Aurora using Truffle, and go back to basics and learn how to get started with NEAR.

But that’s not all. The team is focused on building out the capabilities of the NEAR University platform over the coming months.

It’s ambition is to be a one stop shop for all things NEAR. So whether you are a developer, a creator or a community leader, all the relevant information is in one place.

NEARPAD - The First Launchpad Built On NEAR

NEARPAD is the first launchpad to roll out within the NEAR Ecosystem. A self-confessed ‘DeFi hub’, NEARPAD serves to bootstrap innovations, monitor, and manage digital assets all within the NEARverse.

They’ve just announced the first project to launch on their platform - Pulse - with more planned.

Pulse Launches First IDO On NEARPAD

Pulse is a decentralised protocol for prediction markets built on the NEAR Blockchain. With Pulse, users can bet on the outcome of a particular event, on-chain or off-chain. If the outcome of that event aligns with the prediction you made then you’re in for a win! - A Decentralized Insurance Alternative

Solace has received a grant from the NEAR Foundation to continue its development of a cross-chain DeFi coverage tracker. It will go live on Aurora later on in September.

Solace allows DeFi liquidity providers and market makers to hedge their risk in the event of smart contract exploits. A necessary addition to the growing DeFi stack of NEAR.

NEAR Validator AMA & Simple Nightshade Launch

An upcoming Validator AMA is set for Thursday, September 23rd at 5pm GMT. The team will be answering your questions about the upcoming sharding change (exciting!), and talking about how this change affects existing validators, including changes to hardware requirements and configurations.

If you haven’t registered for the AMA yet, you can do so here.

The upcoming AMA will be a special one since we’re steadily approaching the launch of Simple Nightshade which will lead to the launch of sharding on NEAR!

Arcadians - 10,000 NFT Avatars With In-Game Utility

Arcadians is an NFT avatar project by OPGames. The project is OPGames’ first step in building the OP Metaverse and is slated to launch on September 7th.

These 10,000 unique avatars will have in-game utility and P2E mechanics. Funds raised through this NFT drop will go to partner developers and help bridge more creators to Web 3.0.

Feel free to join the OPGames Community on Discord here.

Best of luck trying to snap up a genesis Arcadian!

Ref Finance Farms - Earn Rewards When Providing Liquidity

We’re a little late posting this one but it was too good to pass up.

Earlier today, Ref Finance brought farming to the NEAR Ecosystem. Less than 24 hours on the TvL has exceeded $21m.

A total of 1.18% of the REF supply will be allocated to incentivize 6 liquidity providers on REF for the next 60 days, and will offer 4x rewards for the first 14 days. Happy farming!

Have We Missed Something?

There’s no doubt that our sizable news net hasn’t snagged all of the highlights which are set to roll out of the NEAR Ecosystem over the coming weeks. If there’s something you think we’re missing, or that we should be sure to include in the next update, then reply to the thread and let us know!


Nice Thread :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

btw Ref Finance already surpassed $24M TVL :rocket:

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Appreciate it :heart:

Damn, on the rise pretty fast - must have moved up whilst I was drafting this :rocket: Hyped for its future!

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And Paras opening to everyone too! There’s certainly a lot to look forward to… I already call NEAR the most happening blockchain on my socials, and rightly so!

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Argh! I was always bound to miss something - thanks for the heads up @chronear, if there’s anything you think should be included in the next update then let us know!

Would you rather see it weekly or bi-weekly?


When there’s so much happening in the NEARverse you can’t blame yourself for not remembering everything… It’s only going to get tough in the future and you would need more hands to assist you :slight_smile: always there to help!!

Personally I like weekly updates, it keeps the discussion fresh and lively. Bi-weekly works too but doesn’t have the same piquancy, would be honoured to help :sunglasses:


What a great start to the NEXT UP News!! :rocket: Thanks, @David_NEAR a much-needed initiative to keep our community members aware of what is happening the week ahead.

So many great things happening in the Ecosystem, we know it is difficult to keep track of everything! To our Guilds leaders and valued members of our community, here is another initiative that aims at updating you on what’s happening.

We hear you! the survey feedback showed we need more of this… Thanks for your feedback!!! :heart_eyes: