Next Up: News in the NEARverse - 10/09/21

We know it can be difficult to keep up with all the news, developments, and updates within the NEARverse.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with everything that’s happening in the NEAR Ecosystem and your radar is a little overloaded then check out some of the latest happenings in the world of NEAR below.

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ICYMI - In case you missed it

DevRel Office Hours - Discuss All Things Tech With NEAR Devs

The NEAR Developer Relations team is hosting office hours over on our Discord channel twice a week.

The team understands that, sometimes, async communication isn’t always the best so they’re providing a platform for those wanting to talk things out and have an instant discussion with a few engineers on the team. All the whilst, establishing some face-to-face relationships with our awesome community

You can join the DevREl office hours in the #dev-support Office Hours channel on Discord at the following times:

12PM - 2PM PST on Tuesdays

9AM - 11AM PST on Fridays - A Gamified NEAR Account Tracker

For new and existing users in the NEAR Ecosystem, don’t let this one fly under your radar. recently launched a gamified tracker for your NEAR Account. You can check out your badges, points, and stats related to your NEAR Account in a friendly and accessible manner.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, enter your (or another) NEAR Account here. Share your stats with friends via the URL of your Account’s page!

CurioInvest Receives A NEAR Development Grant

The NEAR Foundation has awarded a development grant to CurioInvest to continue to enable tokenization of real-world assets.

With the goal of accelerating tokenization of real-world assets whilst allowing the community to make investment decisions or govern the utility of the ecosystem, the CurioInvest journey has been joined by the NEAR Foundation.

MetaBUIDL Hackathon Extended

As requested by our community of hackers the deadline for the NEAR MetaBUIDL Hackathon has been extended to September 19th.

The response so far has been awesome, and we can’t wait to see your entries! Read more about the Hackathon here.

Pingbox - Notifications For Your Crypto Wallet

Another useful tool in the arsenal of the NEARverse recently launched in the form of Pingbox.

Pingbox provides notifications directly to your email, Slack, or Rocketchat for a variety of on-chain actions. The service offers integrations, including SputnikDAO.

Next at NEAR

Check out some of the upcoming events, launches, and news in the NEAR Ecosystem.

MetaMon - Collect, Evolve, and Play On NEAR

MetaMon is an NFT gaming project built on NEAR Protocol. Users can collect, evolve, and play using their MetaMon!

The big reveal day is set for the 17th of September and is being accompanied by a limited edition collectible airdrop.

Simple Nightshade - Bringing Shading To NEAR Protocol

Later this year one of the largest upgrades to NEAR Protocol is set to be implemented in the form of Simple Nightshade.

Nightshade is the name for the sharding protocol within NEAR. Sharding is set to enhance the level of scalability within the network dramatically.

Astro - The Evolution Of DAOs On NEAR

Those of you who are familiar with SputnikDAO might be hyped for this one. Decentralized governance sits at the heart of the crypto ethos and, through SputnikDAO, users are empowered to achieve a level of decentralized governance through an easy-to-use platform.

Astro is the next evolution of SputnikDAO and will add a tonne of flexibility, a wider feature set, and more power in the hands of DAOs. Stay tuned for news on the rollout over the coming weeks!

NEAR | Con - The In-Person NEAR Conference

This October, Lisbon will be host to NEAR | Con where we’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the NEAR Protocol mainnet launch. Get ready for two full days of talks, networking, workshops, and more provided by the NEAR Ecosystem and its Community.

Expect more news on this in the future, and don’t forget to mark it in your calendar for 26th-27th of October!

Have We Missed Something?

There’s no doubt that our sizable news net hasn’t snagged all of the highlights which are set to roll out of the NEAR Ecosystem over the coming weeks. If there’s something you think we’re missing, or that we should be sure to include in the next update, then reply to the thread and let us know!

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Does we have any new channel for milestones

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Hey @Charlesbisonray,

There are a tonne of news sources for the NEAR Ecosystem.

NEARWEEK is the leading community-driven weekly news aggregator, I’d definitely check that one out.

You can enter your email on the website to receive email updates on a fairly regular basis.

Then there’s the NEAR Protocol Twitter account - always a great source of info! Don’t forget the Reddit :alien: !

If you prefer a more IM style of updates and discussion come join the official NEAR Community on Discord and Telegram.

Any other questions feel free to shoot my way :tada: