New Opening Posting: GWG Community Engagement Manager [closed]

NDC/GWG Community Engagement Manager

The GWG Working Group is responsible for delivering governance frameworks and technical implementations for the NEAR Ecosystem to form the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) and is looking for an experienced Community Engagement Manager.

The Community Engagement Manager is responsible for executing the NDC community onboarding strategy. In this position, you will play a key role in the process of turning the wider NEAR community into NDC community members.

This onboarding process consists of making sure new community members:

  • Are welcomed into a friendly, well-moderated community.
  • Have easy access to all information to learn more about the NDC.
  • Are engaged in conversations, polls and quizzes about interesting topics related to the NDC.
  • Can find their way to the right resources and are motivated to contribute in several ways.
  • Observe and listen to the pulse of the community to gather insights and recommendations related to needed workgroups or focus areas


  • Excellent English verbal and (especially) written communication skills.
  • Solid understanding of Telegram community moderation tools.
  • Proven self-management and team-management skills.


  • Execute NDC Community onboarding strategy.
  • Mobilize the NDC Mods Team to engage the community.
  • Write onboarding documentation.
  • Write and keep updated pinned and recurring messages on Telegram.
  • Run community polls and quizzes.
  • Assist in developing community loyalty program.
  • Keep the community vibing and active to foster contribution to governance.
  • Act as Marcomm’s main contact point for real-life events.


$3500 per mo in $NEAR tokens (calculated at time of disbursement)

The GWG operates on outcome-based bounties. This ensures efforts are completed before bounties are issued. Bounty issued monthly.


  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar role for a cryptocurrency project.

How to Apply

Please submit your request for consideration:

  1. NEAR Governance Forum:
  2. Title: Community Engagement Manager - Nomination
  3. Category: Ecosystem NDC
  4. Tags: proposal, bounty, ndc

@joepmaenen is it not a typo error ?? It seems like this is a CEM role or oen has to use the same title :thinking:

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Great to see this position open - On NEAR’s Discord Server we have a channel called #job-listings to post open positions, I encourage you to spread the word over there!


Thanks for the catch Bakaka, that line was added to my draft doc by someone else and I missed it, edited it now :slight_smile:

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Already shared this information to the Job listing channel on Near Protocol official discord group.

To create more awareness.
Thanks for mentioning it

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want to report Conflict of interest violation by @blaze (NDC consultant and head of working groups )

He hired Cheddar Finance mod Aescobar on the same position in NDC. How is possible @blaze ? why did you choose him, but now other 14 candidates?