Need to set up call with dev about working with NEAR to create digital public space

Hi all
My name is Daveed but I go by shiftshapr because all of work is catalyze the Regenaissance!

I have a meta DAO called that supports and launches DAOs

We are working with three early stage DAOs including Tulum DAO (Regen Tulum), Pacha DAO, and Presence DAO. We also have a slate of prosocial films and series including Pacha’s Pajamas, an antinuclear drama, and 420: The Movie. I am also working with acclaimed wildlife artist Sabrina Rupprecht.

I am from Oakland, California. I live in Tulum, Mexico now. Although I thought I wanted it at one time, I am happy to report that I got zero help from Silicon Valley. That’s why I am in Tulum.

I understand that NEAR is committed to the open web. That is really exciting as Presence DAO is creating decentralized digital public space above the web page, which we call the Metaweb. We’ve got a Web2 application and are in process of integrating My Meta Profiles from Metagame. We are looking to integrate a blockchain solution. Priorities are ability to scale, compatible with The Graph protocol, inexpensive transactions, NFT support, and ability to provide funds, and partnership. We will do a DAO. We will be minting NFTs the represent building blocks of knowledge as well as others for identities. We think this project has a huge role to play in fixing the web and want to make sure we find the right blockchain partner.

I looking for someone from NEAR to speak with my engineering lead Nathan out of Addis Ababa about the advantages of building on NEAR over other DLTs. We have also been looking at DeSo, Holochain, Harmony, Polygon, and Solana. I would love to set up a conversation for between 9-11a EST one day next week.

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