[proposal] nearflix dapp

Hello CUDO friends,

We are excited to finally be able to announce that we will begin work on our own DAPP. Our intention is to develop a video platform that will be able to receive tips in NEAR COIN, giving the public the opportunity to financially support the artist.

We know that our ecosystem still doesn’t have many ways to provide funds to audiovisual artists, so this is a good way to start a project that can give videomakers, filmmakers and all audiovisual workers a chance to prove that it is possible to create value on WEB3 with their audiovisual projects.

To do this, we will start a bounty to find a developer to help us in this work.

After designing the project, we will be ready to try for a grant from NEAR to finish the program. Once finalized, not only CUDO DAO, but several other creators will have a platform that will help them design their own sustainability in some way.

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Yay Everton!!! That’s a great idea! As part of a film DAO we’ll really love such a DAPP!
if you need some partners you can count on FILMES DE INFILTRACAO DAO :wink:

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