NEARxPublish DAO Introduction

NEARxPublish DAO
About the project

NEARxPublish, a new nexus point between the digital and physical—original #NEAR publications and boundary-advancing media for the growing #NEARprotocol Ecosystem. We are a creatively driven DAO that’s dedicated to working with the brightest creatives in the NEAR community to reach new and established audiences with original stories and publications, while exploring the Phygital—original publications and cutting-edge media for the expanding the NEAR Ecosystem; crossing and bridging digital media to physical merchandise and back.


Astro-DAO address : publishing-house.sputnik-dao.near

About the team

WolfwoodShjnji writer, editor, nature lover, nerd. Involved as an enthusiast in the Open Forest Community

Neentae is a finance professional by day with 10+ years of accounting and grant management experience. Mixed-media artist and musician by night. Crypto enthusiast, investor, and collector. Epoxy Resin hobbyist with a focus on flower preservation. Urban gardener. Content creator & event organizer for NEARxPublish.

Anoakeye, co-founder of NEARxPublish, is a multi-chain NFT graphic artist and art director with over 20 years graphic design, social marketing, and publishing experience focusing on outreach, people power, and community change. Currently working with Croncat.

Samtoshi_F_Baby, co-founder of NEARxPublish, is an independent comic book & NFT artist, Colorist & letterer for the Bob Boom! comic on Paras, creative director for Quantum Economics, & a moderator for the Open Web Sandbox team.

Our vision, goals, and objectives

To create a multi-faceted publication and printing service that utilizes various resources across the NEAR ecosystem to provide a network of support for creators.

We see this culminating in an array of blockchain-based, NFT-related products created and marketed through emerging channels of our own development, plus partnerships with various NEAR guilds and platforms. These efforts will in turn rally the incoming community members, help drive use of creative applications and create opportunities for creators and creative thinkers to make contributions on chain.

One tentpole concept is to work with a growing family of artists, writers, designers, and developers to build a collection of recognizable characters and series, much like The Marvel Comics Universe, Harry Potter, or Pokemon, but on the NEAR blockchain. By creating accessible media pillars through a variety of channels that already exist in our ecosystem—NFT, Video, Audio, Metaverse—we hope to build a legitimate foundation of support for ongoing titles and publications. Another aspect of this endeavor is the crossing back and forth between digital and printed content, which will involve the exploration of new types of multimedia integration. This will involve a coalition of creative, developmental, and production talent within and around the blockchain. Collaboration is Key.

Following are a few ways we plan to achieve this.

  1. Be the “phygical’ umbrella for all things publication, printing, minting, and meeting NEAR! Anoakeye has years of experience working in the printing industry and creative space which will be very valuable in terms of his contributions to the DAO. He also runs a print shop which we will be using as a vehicle to build and test some of our solutions around with the idea of engaging and involving a global network of publishers and creators both digital and physical via NEAR.
  2. Creating a community of creatives and world building enthusiasts to help create universes of characters and storyline by holding monthly and weekly contests to push forward collaboration.
  3. Create a monthly preview anthology series NFT book showcasing the collaborative efforts of the community of creators.
    Experiment with applying blockchain technology to create ways to bridge the gap between physical (keychains, cards, prints, comics stickers, etc) and digital media via NFTs, smart, DAOs, QR codes, and other NEAR based tools.
  4. Plan on holding monthly virtual/in person meet ups. We will also be using the print shop, which has gathering spaces, to deliver themed workshops and creative sessions focused on NEAR.
  5. For 2022, Having Booths at SDNFT Con, SD Comic Con, Designer Con, NEAR Con and potentially much more.
  6. Documenting via video the first year of the formation of our guild and producing the first ever Documentary as an NFT on the NEAR blockchain.

We appreciate all the support and invite everyone to connect with us, our Twitter is @nearxpublish and our email is Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey there! Thanks for this interesting intro post for your DAO. I am interested in learning more about your plans for using, in your own words - “DAOs… other NEAR based tools”

Would also encourage you to connect with @jlwaugh because I see a good list of events mentioned in this post. Please visit the following post to learn more about NEAR Meet since I already see goals align, with the list of events you’ve highlighted. NEAR Meet World

Also tagging @Jessica our Guilds Manager for visibility to see how we may learn from your Guild’s experience as you document it as Video Documentary NFTs.


:star_struck: very excited and can’t wait to get things rolling.


Thanks @chronear! Setting up a meeting with @jlwaugh and the team now. NEAR MEET is focusing on exactly the type of in-person and virtual onboarding experiences we are planning on having.

Here is just a sneak peek of some of the samples we are creating with NEARNAUTS:


This definitely looks promising


We’ve just launched our preliminary website at

Feel free to have a look, we will be adding to it over time.


The website is really bad…
On a laptop, it’s just a big mess like a flashy 90’s website. I get that it’s designed for a cell phone and browser layout is secondary… but not very user-friendly.

There’s a ton of errors in the developer tools… maybe the desktop version is still buggy?


This is a very interesting idea… Looking forward to your evolution and growth in the community…:heart_eyes:

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Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:
This is just what we have in place at the moment until we upgrade. This was never intended to be the end product. Look forward to your future support as we continue to grow.


Definitely… Pumped for you guys :fire::muscle:t5:

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Very interesting! We are thinking in bringing a dao of philosophers here, and we would need a publishing house! Lovely idea!


I’m really happy to found this, pals!

I’m a brazilian poet, indie publisher & artist-etc. and my main interest on blockchain universe is found ways to mix print and digital publications, using NFT possibilities to explore more than just minted PDFs — which is just what I did with my latest published book.

I have experience on almost all editorial process stages, from editing and layout to cover art and printing, and I’ll be glad to engage, research and build this with you!

You can check some of my publishing works here.


Friends from NearxPublish, I have some publishing projects, and I would love to know if there is a possibility to get funding through NEARxPublish DAO. I am working with more than 40 PhD Philosophers in a project partially funded by John Templeton Foundation (16 from the 40 books were funded, but 24 are not yet). I would love to get funding for the non-funded books. Is it possible? Can I submit a project?

Another question: are you open to new members? I am a PhD Philosopher and university professor with around 10 published books on academic philosophy, more than 25 academic papers. I am also a great friend of an academic publisher on Brazil, from the Federal University of Pelotas. A friend and I were thinking about open a near publisher when we got in touch with you, and @tabear told us that could be good talking to you.


Kind regards!

My Academic CV:

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already joined your group lol hopefully we can work together soon!