[Report] Near x ART Dao June 2022 report

Dao: Near x Art

Council Members: @Supercoolkay @Olamilepoun @gushlewis

Astro dao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/nearxart.sputnik-dao.near/proposals (all transactions that occured in our astrodao was based on our project proposal for the month of June)


Vote casted:
Supercoolkay: 58
@Olamilepoun : 48
@gushlewis : 20

On chain members in total: 14

Completed June Objectives

The objectives in progress:

June upgrades

  • Onboarded over 120 new members
  • Created two groups on our astrodao for members and workers
  • Added over 14 core members and verified workers on chain.( still approving more members on chain)
  • Over 15 minters in our store
  • Onboarded 15 creatives including our videographer and worker
  • Created arts dedicated to the founder of near, builders & creatives, arts explaining web 3 and its attributes and dedicated arts to nearverse
  • Onboarded new members to the gov.near.org forum
  • We reached 150 members on telegram
  • Our Youtube reached 80 subscribers
  • We reached 130 followers on twitter.
  • Created over 10 physical arts
  • Produced over 10 video contents for all our artist
  • Cryptovoxel work


Payout in total: $2,770
**Remaining funds: $304.50

Next step:
It was a busy month for the Near x Art community. From workshop, to competition, to creation of wallet, educating newbies on how to operate on Astrodao, how to mint, renting of art space, renting of video studio, video coverage on the arts created and alot more.

Moving forvard, we intend to do the following:

  1. Create more arts in its physical form
  2. Organize online and offline seminar
  3. Engage with members of our community
  4. Educate fresh members about Near protocol and its attributes.
  5. Open another bounty for pet and wildlife.
  6. Introduce contemporary dance and onboard contemporary dancers to the ecosystem.
  7. Create more video contents for our nfts
  8. Pitch our store to mintbase for more visibility.
  9. Website creation for near x art.
  10. Social media buzz.

Hey @Supercoolkay
Your reports are not complete unfortunately, when I looked through your DAO, I found out that there’s no clear information under every payout request (no report attached), this doesn’t look good at all in my opinion, as transparency of used funds doesn’t exist here!

Also, your reports on the forum have no information about payout targets, moreover they don’t follow Creatives DAO guidelines (pinned in Creatives DAO category) at all.


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Hi @Paul
I just updated the report according to the guidelines. Thanks!

Also, all the payout request made on our astrodao was based on what was proposed for the month of june.

creating utility - Every artiste that worked on this project requested their payout in the dao and there was no link to their request because non of them wrote a proposal on the forum and payout was made according to instructions.

PET AND WILDLIFE: For this project, all bounty payment took place in our astrodao.
@soty 1st position $150
@cedrick.near 2nd position $100
@pootlongto11 3rd position $50
@Stelcy_Chelsey 4th position $30

@gushlewis REQUESTED FOR $300.

Every transaction on the astrodao is detailed and well explained. If you find any payout request unclear, kindly refer to our project proposal for the month of june. Everything was stated there.
Happy to answer your questions!
cc @ted.iv


Happy to always work! :star_struck:

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Happy to be a part of this community, thank you for bringing me on board! #near-x-art-dao

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