[Closed] Printing and shipment of Near Metaverse magazine

The Metaverse DAO created the NEAR Metaverse Magazine in a bid to document major activities within the creative NEAR ecosystem and at the same time add some color and profiling for creators creating within the NEAR Ecosystem.
The NEAR Metaverse MAgazine is the first of its kind within the NEAR Ecosystem, A digital format document that emblazons colors, interviews, artist profiles, metaverse events, and DAO overview.
The metaverse DAO made this masterpiece available for general online view for a month after which it would be sold as NFTs on the metaverse DAO mintbase store. in the light of this great achievement, we can see more ragrding the plight of the Metaverse DAO in its bid to establish NEAR Presence within the metaverse and also encourage NEAR creatives to participate within the metaverse while also showcasing and rewarding them immensely at monthly events for their participation.

The Metaverse DAO in its glory and sheen of the NEAR ecosystem seeks to push the frontiers of the NEAR Blockchain creative frontiers a yard extra, How? By making the NEAR Metaverse Magazine available for physical printing and shipment to buyers of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine NFT.

The NEAR Metaverse Magazine is a first of its kind. Its an antecedent of the Metaverse DAO to archive the NEAR Blockchain’s creative footsteps for the benefits of the sentiment and Nostalgia of the "NEAR"est future. There would be limited copies of the NFT listed in the Metaverse DAO mintbase store numbering 50. These NFTs once bought would require the buyer to fill in their physical address for the magazine to be shipped to their location anywhere across the world. This would really be a historic signature for the future if holders of the NFT have a copy of the Magazine and can pride themselves in the acquisition of a rare token of this like with the awareness that there are only 50 holders of it across the world. Very self fulfilling right?
We would also be shipping an E.L.E (Extra Limited Edition) to council members of Major DAOs within the ecosystem as tokens of privilege, these editions would not come with a price but as previously stated “Tokens of Privilege” for being present at this time when the NEAR Protocol was about to lift off into greater glory.

The Metaverse DAO would be requesting a total of $4600 from marketing to help it cover costs of printing and shipment of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine to buyers of the magazine NFTS (50 limited) and for council members of major DAOs within the NEAR creative ecosystem (50)

The primary base of printing the magazine and its shipment is Lagos and this task as agreed by the Metaverse DAO would be undertook by council member and digital innovator John X
Budget analytics is as below

Approximated cost of printing Magazine (100 copies in bulk): 200 dollars

Shipping of magazine type weighted object from Lagos to global approximate location ( $40) x 100

Logistical and physiological needs of John for printing and shipping activity: $400

Total: $4600

This initiative is of a one time significance since the value narrative of the Magazine is that its the first of its type within the NEAR Ecosystem.

Looking forward to your lovely responses, and guys, i personally will see to the first hand shipment of your NEAR metaverse magazine copies once this is approved. You’d get your own copies soon enough.

Below is a link to the online digital version of the NEAR Metaverse MAgazine which is in landscape format to be adapted for PCs. You will be getting the physical print format which is in similitude to conventional magazine display orientation.

Let’s go guys
Dacha I see you once again, Peace, Love, and Light to you my dearest Illumina


Yes, I saw the magazine couple days ago. Really, cool idea. Would you like to include information about Marketing DAO :smiley: ? Anyway, support it.


My dearest dacha, I understand the desire, sweetheart this edition is already published…
But trust I’d include a whole lot more segments in this month’s edition and we’d include information about marketing DAO, a whole council profile page for you where we talk about your shrewd and minimalistic personality, subtly enunciating that there are those of us in the ecosystem that understand you and love you for your truth and who you are…:heart_eyes:
And yes I’ll personally mail you a print… Even if there was no agenda for printing …

I’ve got you :100:

Infinite love always from this side❤️



Looks awesome!

I can’t seem to access the Flipbook atm :sob:

Sorry David, that link got broken at some point, fixed it up back, you can check here

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Thank you!

Where are you shipping these to? What’s the impact of 100 physical magazines compared to a digital one?

Good question David,

We are shipping these physical prints to addresses of holders of the pdf NFTs minted on mintbase. We are doing this is as a historical perk for this first edition of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine since like as stated in the main post, it is the first of its kind within the ecosystem. In the future, holders of the magazine would enjoy the benefits of possessing a limited edition of these NFTs and who knows, this NFTs can become utility items for unlocking benefits within the metaverse (only one of its kind).

The other 50 copies would be mailed to individuals that constitute council for major DAOs within the ecosystem as “Tokens of privilege” for being available in servIce at this time in the history of NEAR and when the magazine was published…

Nothing compares to a physical token my dear brother, we already have bids from people who loved the idea of also having the print edition after buying the NFT. It is history, it is the collector spirit, to possess tokens that trap the essence of “time” within them.
The artists and personalities we featured in the magazine all love the idea of having a print edition of the magazine… it’s the human dynamic, to see, touch and feel…

Nothing beats that my dear David…

Cheers to having your own print version shipped to your address for you.

It’s happening

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Wouldn’t it make sense to use the funds from these bids to cover the costs of the magazine?

$4,000 to print and distribute 100 copies of a magazine seems extraordinarily high (but, then again, I’ve no insight into the average cost of those).

$4,000 to print and distribute copies of the “NEAR Metaverse Magazine” to individual locations across the world…

The Metaverse DAO started out with the singular initiative of establishing NEAR’s presence within the metaverse and we have seen significant results with the events we have hosted at the NEAR connection center…

The MEtaverse DAO also chose to create something in the like of a simulated museum to archive significant NEAR NFTs, metaverse events and posters for the NEAR’est future.

The NEAR Protocol is at a time when it need it’s tentacles spread and it s gospel conveniently heard and subscribed to… we cant make the price of the magazine NFT cost enough to afford global shipping to a physical address.

We are seeking the support of the Marketing DAO to enable us do what we are doing for NEAR, establish presence and awareness within the Metaverse and also archive plus create significant NEAR history of which the NEAR Metaverse Magazine is a product of this narrative needing support to conveniently preach the NEAR gospel

Did you see the cover? It says “NEAR Metaverse Magazine”… you think illia wouldn’t like a copy…? wouldn’t you also… ?
It’s a beautiful initiative that carries the mandate of the Metaverse DAO and at the same time ripples through the goal and mission of the NEAR Protocol… its beauty, its love

Hi John! Thanks for sharing your proposal. I may have some additional questions for you, but first off, can you supply a budget with line items showing costs for the different aspects of this project? For example, there are many different variables in printing publications depending on paper type, paper weight, number of pages, layout, graphic design needs, whether the cover of the magazine is a different paper weight or material than the interior pages, whether it’s shrink-wrapped for shipping or packaged another way. Along with that, I think it would be helpful to understand and have information about:

  • Countries/locations you are shipping to
  • Associated shipping costs
  • Estimated weight of publication
  • Any design costs required to print this document in a magazine format as it is currently in landscape/horizontal and not laid out to fit magazine style pages
  • Estimate of carbon impact related to printing and shipping internationally



You are very welcome my friend

It’s obvious that your observations and requests reflect a lack of overview or understanding of the main post.

Questions like countries we want to ship to, estimated weight, printing format and all that shows you haven’t followed the synthesis of this project

I will suggest you go back and read through comprehensively, then re-phrase your questions to be concise with progressive projections.


Hey John,

@so608 (Lorraine) is a Marketing professional who has been recently onboarded to the MarketingDAO as an advisor to help those who make proposals to achieve success and improve their marketing strategies across the board.

None of the information which Lorraine has requested is in your initial proposal and the questions are pertinent.


Good day bro will it be possible to get the link of the magazine so that we can highlight it on the near Nigeria website for direct viewing and can npk guild get an hard copy here in either kano or Abuja

Very good David

I only thought some questions seemed to have been previously answered in the main post.

So @so608 let me do a break down of the whole process for clarification

The goal is to print 100 copies of the NEAR metaverse Magazine and ship them to various locations across the world according to the addresses of the buyers of the Magazine NFT on mintbase. Like i stated

The print format is an adaptation of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine into Portrait format in the similitude of conventional physical magazine formats which is 5.5 by 8.5 inches. I would have loved to share the NEAR Metaverse Magazine in this format but i would have to hold it back for DAO privacy reasons. Of course, as with regular magazines the front page would be thicker than the content pages. Front page would be 120 GSM ( gram per square meter) and the content pages 90 GSM. This thickness is needed to give the NEAR Metaverse Magazine a standout feel of “One”. The resolution for printing the magazine would be around (220 - 250) ppi, with a base resolution of 150 LPI halftones for the images. Armed with these attributes, the NEAR Metaverse magazine would truly standout in “feel and color” retaining its Non-fungible token ascription

So let me answer your questions hierarchically my friend

The countries vary according to the location of the buyers of the magazine NFT, so there is no default country to ship to, this is why i made a shipping estimate of $40 for a magazine of such weight in approximate to any location across the world, the price might be lower and sometimes even higher, i set this threshold to offset any anomalies and to complement any deficits

Details to these are above, a semi-expedited shipping of the magazine would incur shipping costs between $30 - $50 depending on the address being shipped to

According to @beetlejuice who is our diagramming professional for the magazine, the portrait version of the magazine available for print is 56 pages.
The weight of each page is 90 GSM (grams per square meter), and converting 5.5 by 8.5 inches to meter dimensions we have 0.1397 by 0.2159 meters which equals 0.0301 squared meters. Multiplying this by 90 GSM which is the weight of each page gives us 2.709 grams per page. Multiplying this figure by 56 (total pages in the magazine) gives us an approximate of 152grams per each publication of the magazine

In Lagos. the cost of printing 56 pages with a resolution of 230 -250 PPI (pixel per inch) costs about 3,000 Naira which is currently an approximate of 5.6USD, but these companies give huge discounts when bulk is being printed since it offsets printing costs in relation to printing only single copies. Printing 100 copies at once would mean the rates dropping to about $2 per edition. @so608 we are printing the portrait version so please take note

So to your last observation

How much carbon would be emmitted into the atmosphere for printing 100 copies of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine, Lagos is a commercial hub and trust me the amount of carbon emmitted from an everyday traffic gridlock is exponentially zillion to the amount of carbon that would be emitted from printing this magazine, and speaking of which the country uses HEP ( Hydro-Electric Power) so these concerns do not even matter much at the moment to hinder the execution of such a beautiful initiative. Carbon footprint? the amount of carbon produced from making this magazine is not going to be up to half you use to drive yourself to work.

I hope i was able to clarify enough. Thank you for your observation


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The Magazine would be online for a month for public viewing after which we take it down to be sold as an NFT… If the NPK guild buys the NFT version of the magazine, they get to publish the online version on their website and also get a print version. Nice one @damboy22


Is the link available now 4 us to view, ??

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Yes it is… Here

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Hi John X,

Would you be able to provide more information into the actual costs of producing each magazine and the the price at which the magazine is being sold? It seems to me like this is a project with potential, but in order to succeed it needs to be sustainable over time.

Would you also be able to clarify the breakbrown of funds requested?

From what I can read on your original post the total amount is $4600 but you have only itemised $1000

My pleasure…

The cost of producing each magazine from a bulk perspective of 100 copies= $2 each (bulk of 100)

The metaverse DAO is pegging the price of each magazine to be $2.5NEAR to make it affordable and encourage NEAR Protocol patronage and precedent setting in terms of NEAR Nft sales. Total sales of the 50 limited editions of the magazine would amount to
$250NEAR if all NFTs get sold

This amount would be remitted to the DAO treasury in accordance with the smart contract programmed there-in and would be accounted for to the marketing DAO and would be used to offset a significant part of the printing and shipping budget of the next editions of the magazine. The Metaverse DAO would also welcome the idea of remitting the sales revenue of the magazine to the Marketing DAO so long as the metaverse DAO reserves right to royalties and a percentage of the sales revenue also.

$40 as approximate price for shipping to any location around the world from Lagos, (could be less ora little more, is why I pegged a middle ground price to accommodate for any excesses or deficiencies in the overall cost of shipping 100 copies out… so to commensurate your request…

$40 for shipping each magazine multiplied by 100 magazines to different locations = $4,000

Yes, as stated…

$200 would be used for bulk printing the NEAR Metaverse Magazines

$400 for my efforts in printing, packaging, collecting addresses, transporting and my physiological welfare through this quite rigorous processes… ($4 for my efforts in printing and shipping one magazine is quite fair, multiplied by 100 of this activity amounts to $400)

Thanks for your observation @satojandro

Hi @JohnX thanks for your thought provoking proposal.

I like your enthusism for this magazine publishing project but i feel that there is some disconnect between NEAR as a decentralized crypto project… and the reality of spending up to $40 for shipping the magazine worldwide from one location.

Have you considered looking to see if there are ways to publish and print via specialist services in different part of the world? At the very least this would lower the carbon footprint of the project…