[Introduction] Metaverse DAO

Metaverse DAO Introduction

Metaverse DAO is going to be a guild under the Near protocol that would serve creative logistics for the sole purpose of expanding the reach of the Near protocol in the crypto space and publicizing near, near events and near artists on metaverse. In this sense, all the metaverse promotion in respect to NEAR would be accounted for by our guild, mainly on nearverse, cryptovoxels, substrata and decentraland. We would use any empty parcels from other guilds and/or rent parcels to get to our objective of making events on the metaverse, taking near protocol there, not only as NFT art, but also the other possibilities given on NEAR, like Dapps. We would make musical parties for near events (exhibitions, workshops etc) and build a magazine from all near events on metaverse, even the one built by other guilds. Our events would be based on artists submission on NEAR forum and contact with musical guilds, like NxM, or other broad guilds, like multiDAO and its parcel. And we intend to be a part of the development of NEARVERSE, having parcels there to publicize near artists and near workshops, as also as building videos and images on metaverse to publicize the events online. We could build bookstores, dancing floors, bars, galleries and many other structures to satisfy our events. As we said, we will publish a monthly digital magazine that would comprise all metaverse events and activities within the NEAR protocol across all guilds and communities within the NEAR ecosystem. The magazine and the associated metaverse event will be useful to build NEAR presence on metaverse and be a point of contact to other blockchains, in order to bring people to NEAR. It is also important as means to record media material with the virtual events, and to show the possibilities of developments inside near, given we will inhabit near metaverses (like nearverse and 3xr) and the ones from other blockchains.

Who We Are:
A novel DAO created to support metaverse promotional activities from ours and other DAOs and the development of these activities on NEARVERSE and other metaverses. Metaverse DAO would in its own rights possess autonomy to carry its own initiatives as long as they are inside metaverse promotion of near artists and/or near activities. The idea of metaverse promotion is expanding NEAR visibility for it to be seen by artists, collectors and developers from our blockchain and other blockchains, and for the community to grow. One of our main intentions is to be an onboarding door to metaverse to near artists, collectors and devs, and an onboarding door to near for metaverse artists, collectors and devs.

People can join our guild: by invite of the council; or, after an accepted projected by our guild, the person submits to enter and is accepted by the council, whose decision is given by majority.

Current Council Members:
beetle-juice.neear @beetlejuice (since 22 March 2022)
becopro.near @becopro (since 30 March 2022)
klarakopi.near @klarakopi (since 12 April 2022)
thephilosopher.near @thephilosopher (since June 17th, 2022)

Founding Members
John X

Our DAO is composed only from the team members. We would be launching this DAO on the Astro DAO platform with council members inducted.

Our Goals
The Metaverse DAO intends to fill the gap of metaverse publicizing of near artists and events, building a structure of shows, music, workshops, interviews and magazine, to generate value for near artists and near protocol itself. We want (1) to provide virtual material for publicizing NEARVERSE and NEAR Blockchain, like videos from events on a digital world and accessible meta-places to find information about near metaverse activities, and (2) to publicize Near on every metaverse. We also want (3) to be an onboarding door to metaverse people on NEAR and to near artists and collectors to metaverse. And we have a last goal of (4) help testing virtual reality on NEARVERSE and 3XR, if requested, as well as being meta-builders from any metaverse NEAR is interested, and putting to use any empty parcel that other DAOs would like us to use, and collaborating with any exisinting one (by publicizing their events on our magazine and streaming their content).


For the Months of November/December

  • YouTube educational channels about metaverse and about metaverse parties.

  • Data Organizer + Art Magazine: we are choosing a person to gather the info about metaverse events from other DAOs and from near artists, in order to edit NEAR METAVERSE MAGAZINE online [to be ready at december]. We should use a member of the DAO or we should propose a bounty.

  • Metaverse Builder Program: build the metaverse structures to have the metaverse events, like bars, libraries, clubs, galleries, cultural centers etc. We should use a member of the DAO or we should propose a bounty.

  • Metaverse Events Program: build music events on metaverse (especially on Nearverse, when it is fully accessible, and on other metaverses) for exhibitions or workshops. We should use a member of the DAO or we should propose a bounty.

  • Metaverse Interview Show: to build an interview program to boost the artists from NEAR by streaming on metaverse.

  • Near Meta-History: To build the meta-history of NEAR, by minting photos, videos and audios produced on metaverse in a special store from the Metaverse DAO on Mintbase, and keep it safe on the blockchain.

Ideas (long term)

  • Develop Nearverse World, by building adequate structures on it, like Media Stations, Bars, Libraries, Galleries, Townhall etc, buildings that could have the right appearance and information on Nearverse. Prepare the buildings for the different DAOs.

  • To work together with VR DAO to test the mechanisms of virtual reality as players and meta-builders in-game and to supply the VR DAO with testing information.

  • To put into use the empty parcels on many different metaverses that the DAOs have.

  • To onboard artists, collectors and devs from metaverse into NEAR.

What’s Next?

We will be submitting a proposal to Creatives DAO for funding to kick off some of the initiatives we have outlined above for November or December 2021 funding.


If you have thoughts or questions just drop em below. The team is going to add to, edit or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the November or December Funding Proposal.


I do love the idea of a Metaverse Gulld and DAO, so thanks for taking the initiative. I do find the name a bit confusing and with the introduction I also had a difficult time understanding exactly how you plan to achieve your goals based on what’s being proposed.

In my opinion, a Metaverse Guild should aim to educate people about the benefits of engaging with in the Metaverse, whether as an observer or as a participant. As Near continues to develop their own Metaverse portals, I’m not sure I see value in promoting Near via other Metaverse platforms like CV or DCL.

There are already guilds active in using these space to conduct events, which add value to the experience… So maybe support could be refined into a Near Metaverse Magazine where these events are “covered” through screenshot and a write up. To me that seems valuable.

There are already a lot of materials covering these topics, I’m not sure what they have to do with Metaverse. Why not be more specific to the Metaverse applications on Near?

Again, I’m not sure how this reflect the objectives of a Metaverse guild…

Do you have any parcels or experience building? Maybe a focus needs to be on Near specific platforms…

I’d be interested to see how this could develop, but my concern is whether there would be interest in non music/art related events in the Metaverse…


Hey @thephilosopher
Thank you for this introduction.

I agree with @vandal that you can already find plenty of materials about NEAR, Defi etc. online. I like the idea of a Metaverse Guild but it would be yet to find out how to create value and new content for the overall community.

It can be nice to work with the different Metaverse experiences by maybe creating events in parcels, involve already existing DAOs and showcase the artists that work with/on NEAR.
Having a big focus on the NEAR metaverse once it is fully ready would definitely be a plus and working together with 3xr seems very logical.

Overall I would love to see some more concrete plans on how this DAO can contribute in new ways to the NEAR ecosystem and its creatives, given that you can already find a lot of material already. Maybe a website or streaming calendar or a way of showcase more artists? How are you planning on onboarding artists etc?


Thank you, @vandal, for your answer. Maybe I should have written just Metaverse Guild and DAO, given our main objective is to publicize near artists and materials on metaverse, by building shows for opening art exhibitions or exhibitions of any other sort that can be interesting for near, and by introducing people to metaverse. I talked about CV, Substrata and DCL, because NEARVERSE is not open for us to build yet and 3XR is going to open multiplayer soon. Gus and I from our guild have experience with building on CV and Substrata. I have parcels in both worlds, including a gallery where I already made an exhibition for AfrikaBurn. I have 4 stores and a gallery on CV and 2 parcels on Substrata (here you can see the own cryptovoxels publishing a message of mine: https://twitter.com/cryptovoxels/status/1457858835062792193). I like very much the idea of refining the magazine to a NEAR METAVERSE MAGAZINE, about what is going on around the parcels, through screenshots and texts about it. And about non-musical events, we can build together with musical events, to generate more interest on the workshops. We intend to use empty parcels to produce shows and marketing material and work together with the existing parcels to get content for our monthly metaverse magazine. I agree with you we should focus on gather material from metaverse events from near.

Hey, @tabear, very good to see you. Thank you very much for your answer. I agree with you both. And we could create value by using this magazine, by showing on metaverse not just the show from artists, but also some kind of enterview or twitter space on metaverse. ImNotArt, a gallery from metaverse and physically in Chicago generates value by making enterviews, marketing videos, shows, and events. And as soon NEARVERSE is ready and 3XR runs its multiplayer mode on near mainnet, we can start develop our activities there too. It is a natural development for us.

I think our main contributions would be:

  • To showcase every metaverse NEAR event on magazine at a website, and on metaverse by teleporte or other means.
  • To have a store for minting the photos, audio and videos from these events, as a historical character, and also the marketing material we produce. (the historical aspect here is to build the history of near on metaverse, and to keep it safe, in the blockchain.)
  • To build metaverse music festivals, art exhibitions and near events.
  • To build an enterview program, to boost the artists on metaverse.
  • To be the onboarding door of near artists on metaverse (specially nearverse and 3xr), by presenting them on exhibitions and calling them to their own opening party, helping them using the controls, and by making explanatory and educational material.
  • We would be able to onboard people in the same time that these people come to the event and get interested on Near and Mintbase. We can direct them to the onboarding team, or we can have an onboard program too, given I have some experience with Gambiarra.
  • We intend to make many bounties to empower near artists within our community.



hi, hope i add to the administration of the DAO <3

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